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Sorry I’m Late / Compared to What? April 14, 2014: I read with interest George Quasha’s recent post “Self-evidence with Difficulty,” drawn especially to these sentences: Duncan used to say that he and Charles Olson had made work that insisted on being taken at the level of its poetics; I took this to mean in part that casual reading or reading to select the “major poems” did not [...] by

‘For Amiri Baraka’: Diane di Prima’s Remembrance of the Late, Great Poet March 6, 2014: SFGate recently published this beautiful poem by Diane di Prima, written the day after Amiri Baraka died. A memorial service was held on March 2nd in San Francisco to celebrate his life. First di Prima introduces the poem, an excerpt of the poem follows. Head to SFGate for the entire poem. The great poet Amiri Baraka died Jan. 9. While he [...] by

Celebrating Jayne Cortez and Amiri Baraka January 31, 2014: If you're in New York on February 4th, this is an event NOT to be missed. New York University's Institute of African American Affairs will be hosting an event honoring the lives of Jayne Cortez and Amiri Baraka. The event will be hosted by Rashidah Ismaili and Walter Mosley and will included readings by Sandra Esteves, Linton Kwesi Johnson, [...] by

Amiri Baraka’s Unique Friendship With Frank O’Hara January 29, 2014: At Locus Solus, Andrew Epstein has excerpted a great piece--especially for those interested in Frank O'Hara's vision of friendship and his own work--on the relationship between Amiri Baraka and O'Hara, part of a longer study from Epstein's book Beautiful Enemies: Friendship and Postwar American Poetry. Epstein also penned a recent tribute to [...] by

Climb Up Sure But Do You Know Where You Are Going January 22, 2014: [caption id="attachment_80172" align="alignright" width="500"] Barnett Newman: “The Stations of the Cross.”[/caption] Israeli settlers are apparently entering the grounds of the Temple Mount and climbing on top of the structure of the Dome of the Rock. When I went to Israel, we entered the grounds through various of the gates in the [...] by

Remembering Amiri Baraka January 20, 2014: The New York Times reports on Amiri Baraka's funeral, which took place this weekend at Newark Symphony Hall. The service was lead by Danny Glover, who was influenced by Baraka as a student in San Francisco. Amiri Baraka’s funeral began with a wordless tribute on Saturday morning: A procession of African drums and jazz trumpets followed [...] by

At The New Yorker: Hilton Als on Hettie Jones & Baraka’s First Family January 13, 2014: A wonderful piece by Hilton Als on Amiri Baraka's "first family"--and moreover, the oft-overlooked Hettie Jones--is up at The New Yorker. Als recounts his days as a teenager visiting the family's East Village walkup: ...And what was better than sitting near Hettie’s rooftop garden drinking lemonade (with honey!)—there wasn’t a [...] by

Thinking About Amiri Baraka: Tributes/Resources/Remembrances/Video January 10, 2014: As you well know by now, Amiri Baraka died yesterday. The tributes, obituaries, remembrances, recordings, and articles are pouring in. A roundup, as of today, plus some of our own: The New York Times obituary. In the series of alternating embraces and repudiations that would become an ideological hallmark, Mr. Baraka spent his early [...] by

Amiri Baraka Dies at 79 January 9, 2014: What a week. We are deeply saddened to report that Amiri Baraka, formerly known as Leroi Jones, has died in a hospital in his hometown of Newark. The New Jersey News writes that "Baraka was placed in intensive care at Beth Israel Medical Center last month for an unknown reason, but a spokesman for his son's mayoral campaign said his condition [...] by

Amiri Baraka Hospitalized in Critical Condition December 26, 2013: The New Jersey News reports on the sad news that Amiri Baraka was admitted to hospital on Monday in critical condition, though it is reported that his condition is improving. From the NJ News: Amiri Baraka, the former New Jersey poet laureate and well-respected author and playwright, was hospitalized in critical condition last night, [...] by