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Amy King on the Naysayers of Poetry’s Vastness at Boston Review February 7, 2014: Amy King brings the right and the left to hold wallets in full circle in a new essay for the Boston Review. Is poetry dead, how so, what marketplace, etc.? She writes: I. A PRIMER FOR POETRY’S AILMENTS ...In line with the usual spate of critics declaring poetry’s demise and imminent death, people like Mark Edmundson (Harpers, [...] by

Amy King Considers What Unrest After Conceptualism’s Institutional Embrace July 17, 2013: At The Rumpus the other day: Amy King backs up and moves forward in her breakdown of community, capital, Conceptualism, and poetry (specifically poetry as capital as seen in the "eyes" of the new VanessaPlace, Inc.). King also invokes Dada, Langpo, and other schools/movements/descendents; and remarks on the deliberate lineage-creation via [...] by

The Opposite of Olympian: Barry Schwabsky Reviews Amy King’s I Want to Make You Safe March 22, 2013: Barry Schwabsky has written a fabulously in-depth review of Amy King's I Want to Make You Safe. We appreciate it when a reviewer situates a book within the context of all of that writer's work, which is exactly what Schwabsky does in this piece. When I read King’s first full-length book, Antidotes for an Alibi, in 2005, I noticed a series [...] by

The 2012 VIDA Count Is Up and the Charts Are Scary March 4, 2013: Amy King has posted the VIDA Count for 2012, and "eyeball[s] how the 2012 Count stacks up beside numbers from the years preceding." As per usual, VIDA aims to "turn the conversation into reader practice," rather than lambast publications; though those who have visibly worked to change their numbers are duly noted (Tin House), and vice-versa [...] by

Friends Read Friends’ Poems March 28, 2012: Check out this new feature at HTLMGIANT in which a friend offers their thoughts on the poems of a friend. In the first installment Ana Bozicevic writes about Amy King's poem “Men By the Lips of Women.” She begins: Amy doesn’t remember writing this poem. -What about the images, do they strike a chord of any sort? -Um….no not [...] by

Let’s Read Revolutionesque February 7, 2012: In more radical radical poetry journal news, you've got to check out Esque Mag Issue 3, called "Revolutionesque," which was just released today. For this one, editors Amy King and Ana Božičević asked contributors to respond to the idea of revolution. "We didn’t define what we mean by that. Whether it lives in your home, in the financial [...] by