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Part II: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson March 11, 2014: As promised last week, Part II of Andrea Rexilius's essay on Laura (Riding) Jackson and the self is here at last, brought to you by Coldfront. Laura (Riding) Jackson’s most narrative poems, the “poems of mythic occasion” again detail a personal history that transcends any specific self by focusing on human relationships to [...] by

Poetry Serves Itself: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson February 27, 2014: We were wondering when another great read about Laura (Riding) Jackson would come along. Just our luck, today at Coldfront is Andrea Rexilius's "Against the Commodity of the Poem (part 1)," wherein she discusses Jackson's critical work (often co-written with Robert Graves), her ideas of the self as a system of poetics, new relationships to the [...] by

Matthew Dickman Reviews Andrea Rexilius June 21, 2012: Hop on over to Tin House to read Matthew Dickman's review of Andrea Rexilius's Half of What They Carried Flew Away, available from Letter Machine Editions. Here's a snippet: Jack Spicer believed the poems he wrote were sent through him by extraterrestrial beings. That is, he believed he was the vessel through which the news, [...] by