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A Long Pan Shot: Andrew Durbin Talks to Bruce Hainley March 19, 2014: For Los Angeles Review of Books, poet and Wonder co-publisher Andrew Durbin interviewed art writer and poet Bruce Hainley about his new book, Under the Sign of [sic]: Sturtevant’s Volte-Face—"the culmination of a decade’s work and the first English language monograph about an artist who, like Bruce, not only avoids easy categorization, [...] by

Exhibit Livestreaming Now From Zurich: Poetry will be made by all! Includes Andrew Durbin, Trisha Low, Sophia Le Fraga, Steve Roggenbuck, More January 30, 2014: Oh, to be in neutral territory. Livestreaming now from Zurich, having begun today, January 30, at 15:00 (UTC +1:00): The LUMA Foundation's inaugural 89plus exhibition, Poetry will be made by all! (January 30–March 30, 2014) is curated by Simon Castets, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Kenneth Goldsmith, with Danny Snelson as exhibition advisor and [...] by

The Sincerity of Andrew Durbin at Next Magazine November 11, 2013: At Next Magazine, read about the worldly Andrew Durbin, whose chapbook Believers has just been released from Poor Claudia (also check out that strong blurb from Lucy Ives). Writer Jameson Fitzpatrick takes a chatty angle on the subject(s): "[A]s a poet he’s one who loves to hear himself talk—or, more accurately, think." More from this [...] by

Wonderful! Kevin Killian Wins Wonder Book Prize September 4, 2013: As if readers of fiction and poetry didn't have enough reasons to deem Kevin Killian's writing wonderful: the editors of Wonder, Andrew Durbin and Ben Fama, announced today that Killian's manuscript, Tweaky Village, has been selected by MacGregor Card as winner of the first annual Wonder Book Prize. The editors of Wonder made the announcement [...] by

Endless Pursuit: Andrew Durbin on Klaus Nomi August 29, 2013: Poet and Wonder editor Andrew Durbin guest writes about Klaus Nomi for The Visual AIDS Blog. The incomparable performer died thirty years ago this month, "alone . . . in the breathless, late summer days of 'gay cancer.'" Durbin sheds some light on Nomi's presence in the city (and now: "I see him like I sometimes see Frank O’Hara or Arthur [...] by

Experience Unlimited at the East Bay Poetry Summit June 17, 2013: I told lots of people that I was going to write about the East Bay Poetry Summit for Harriet’s "Open Door" series. And each time, I followed it up with a confession: “It was so wonderful, I have no idea how to write about it. Everyone will just think I drank the Kool-Aid!” I hoped that with enough time, I’d get some critical distance [...] by

WONDER Has a Crush On You April 3, 2013: The rise of the small-press is upon us and resources are bountiful for the creative-driven enterprise that wants to focus on new methods of presenting poetry. I’m always on the look-out for presses that explore the use of image and poetry together in a provocative way, such as the strange and undefinable new press: WONDER. Self-proclaimed [...] by

Announcing the First-Ever Wonder Book Prize March 18, 2013: It's true--the Ben Fama/Andrew Durbin art-poetry collab Wonder has announced its first-annual book prize, to be judged by Macgregor Card! Wow! Here're the details: ♥WONDER BOOK PRIZE ♥ Wonder is accepting manuscripts March 15-May 15 for our first annual Wonder Book Prize, judged by Macgregor Card. We are accepting full-length [...] by

A Look at Ben Fama’s Mall Witch February 8, 2013: At HTMLGiant, Ben Tripp reviews the Wonder project Mall Witch, a book of poems attributed to Ben Fama but authored by Paul Legault and Andrew Durbin. However, writes Tripp: "For fans of Legault’s homespun ventriloquisms of John Ashbery and Emily Dickinson (some from Fence Books, or his latest from McSweeney’s) or Durbin’s precocious [...] by

♥ The Slow Reveal of Wonder the Art Pub ♥ August 10, 2012: Wonder, a new publisher of "artist books, ephemera, pamphlets, and glossies" started by former Supermachine (RIP) editor-at-large Ben Fama and former CLOCK editor Andrew Durbin, is curving sleekly past its mystery phase and into the material (check out Wonder's Kickstarter project, funds for which will aide in bringing "Ben Fama's next book [...] by