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At BOMBLOG: Talking With Andy Mister About Liner Notes December 19, 2013: Patrick Gaughan interviews Andy Mister about his new book, Liner Notes (Station Hill Press of Barrytown 2013), for BOMBLOG. This one's for you music lovers: "Andy taps into the inevitable mingling of rock myth with the real, of icons and us (whoever we are), and how some of us never stop looking in the mirror for latent Nicos or Bowies behind [...] by

This Essay About Erik Satie & My Dinner With Andre Is Really About Money November 14, 2013: But what isn't? Gold? All right. Andy Mister wrote about Erik Satie, My Dinner with Andre, Dead C, and Han-Joachim Roedelius for Coldfront's Poets Off Poetry series: At the beginning of My Dinner with Andre, Wallace Shawn walks around lower Manhattan. The city looks the same as it does now—but different. The subway cars still have [...] by

Andy Mister’s Liner Notes as Exemplary of ‘Metamodernism’ July 23, 2013: Seth Abramson's newest poetry column is up at Huffington Post: This month, Abramson turns from his usual group review to focus on only one collection, using it as "a springboard for discussion of metamodernistic poetry and poetics in the twenty-first century." Said springboard is poet and artist Andy Mister's Liner Notes (Station Hill of [...] by