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‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’: Lou Reed and the New York School of Poetry October 29, 2013: Almost immediately after the world learned the dismaying news that Lou Reed had died on Sunday at 71, the obituaries and tributes started to pour in—sharp assessments of his career, recollections of the life-changing effect Reed and the Velvet Underground had on young, creative people, links to documentaries, interviews, and YouTube clips of [...] by

Turning Andy Warhol’s a: A Novel Into Poems July 19, 2013: Looks like someone's making poetry out of Andy Warhol's a: A Novel, which is not so much a novel in the first place as it is a "nearly word-for-word transcription of tapes recorded by Warhol and Ondine over a two-year period in 1965-1967." Novelist Liz Worth of Toronto is rewriting the book: For anyone unfamiliar with Warhol's "novel," [...] by

Megan Volpert Becomes Andy Warhol February 22, 2012: Over at Lambda Literary, Megan Volpert talks Andy Warhol with Charles Jensen and describes the process of writing her recently published Sonics in Warholia. Here's a taste: Like Warhol himself, the book puts focused scrutiny onto common, mundane, or commercial elements from popular culture. In the first section, you use the conceit [...] by