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The Rumpus Thinks You Should Check Out Angela Veronica Wong’s How to Survive a Hotel Fire October 17, 2012: This summer, New York poet Angela Veronica Wong released a book, How to Survive a Hotel Fire, and The Rumpus really likes it. Writer April Naoko Heck gives us some pretty good reasons to like it, too: The voice is...chatty, personal, cynical, cosmopolitan, and utterly entertaining. The voice of an intriguing dinner guest gossiping, [...] by

Interview with Angela Veronica Wong July 20, 2012: Angela Veronica Wong took part in this interview over Coldfront. Here Wong talks about serial poem: SK: You have also recently had your chapbook Dear Johnny, In Your Last Letter published by Poetry Society of America. Looking at this chapbook, your full length, and having read some of your new “Elsa” poems, it seems like you [...] by