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Unruly Travel Writing From Anna Moschovakis December 13, 2013: The PEN Poetry Series this week posted an excerpt from an "unruly essay-poem about mobility" by Anna Moschovakis called "A is for Addis." Addis would refer to Addis Ababa--as Moschovakis notes in the first section of the piece, "A | AFRICA," it was the only mention of the town: "[I]n Paul Theroux’s 2003 New York Times Bestseller, Dark Star [...] by

Jocelyn Spaar Translates Early Poems of Albert Cossery for Paris Review Daily December 5, 2013: "Revived at the fingers of a magician"! Where's our flageolet: Artist, poet and translator Jocelyn Spaar, pictured above, has brought to the Paris Review Daily fore three poems by the Egyptian-born, French novelist Albert Cossery. Never before translated into English, they are the only extant poems from his long-lost book, Les Morsures (“The [...] by

Poets & Writers Spotlights PDF Publishers: New Heave-Ho, H_NGM_N, Duration Press, and Publishing Genius October 21, 2013: The current issue of Poets & Writers spotlights Noel Black, Anna Moschovakis, Nate Pritts, and Adam Robinson's efforts to make poetry more accessible to everyone online, via PDF publishing techniques. This past summer Noel Black founded his new press, the New Heave-Ho, with a goal of publishing PDF-only poetry collections, available [...] by

New to the Archive October 16, 2013: Last week we mentioned a new poetry sampler of Latin@ poetry that we're excited to feature. Today, we're going to drill into the online archive and see what else has been added since we last checked in. Some recently added poets and poems to the archive include the likes of Anna Moschovakis with a variety of Thought Experiments and other [...] by

All Aboard with The New Heave-Ho July 8, 2013: In related news of supreme excellency: Noel Black, author of Uselysses (UDP, 2011) and La Goon (TNHH, 2013), is launching a .PDF press called The New Heave-Ho. In his preface to the new press's manifesto, Black writes: I wrote this manifesto in April 2013 after asking Ugly Duckling Presse if they would allow me to publish the .PDF [...] by

“Approaching a Lake” with Anna Moschovakis October 1, 2012: The Rumpus recommends Anna Moschovakis’s poetry collection, You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake, dwelling on her themes of choice in the modern world: We are brought back to the idea of choice amidst information overload. And therefore, choose what? The referential landscape of Moschovakis’s poems is massive. I’m flipping [...] by

I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone April 30, 2011: Somewhere in my notebooks are definitions for “adage” and “aphorism.” I wrote them down while reading a poem by Anna Moschovakis titled “Untitled.” When I re-read it, I open the dictionary again. This time I know what will happen. I'll happily play word zigzag and then find myself in a word maze: I can’t remember what it is [...] by

Whatchu Reading…? April 25, 2011:   The MFA writing workshop is only part critical feedback, and those enrolled in the Rutgers-Newark program know that I’m big on citizenship--on reading poetry books and reporting back with recommendations and reviews, on sharing the book-love online. Poets have to talk about the work of other poets. It’s like that in the literary [...] by

O at Open Books April 4, 2011: By day and night, Christine Deavel is the co-owner of OPEN BOOKS, Seattle’s poetry-only bookstore. She likes her clothes to help sell books. Case in point: She hopes her sweatshop-free, organic Hemp, blue cardigan ($25) and taupe-yellow Value Village camisole ($2) layered on top of a GAP poetic-black tee ($11) are the perfect complement to [...] by