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My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 10, 2013: 1. Anne Carson, Red Doc> (Knopf). Favorite Line: “The moonlit / ironing boards / grandstanding like steeds.” 2. Brandon Shimoda, Portuguese (Tin House Books & Octopus Books) Favorite Line: “Children were following my retarded stepbrother around the fields” 3. Dara Wier, You Good Thing (Wave Books). Favorite [...] by

Poetry et Le E-book Revolution May 22, 2013: 'Tis happening, friends! Not only are your favorite fiction and non-fiction books available in electronic formats—but now—your favorite books of poetry are rapidly becoming available in e-book form, as reported by The Associated Press in the Seattle Times. Part of the challenge is the devices themselves, with screens varying in [...] by

Hazlitt’s ‘User’s Guide’ to Anne Carson March 26, 2013: Hazlitt offers an extremely helpful guide to the work of Anne Carson, fearing she is more widely known than read, and addressing a hypothetical audience that may be on the fence about contemporary poetry. Another fear some people have is not understanding what’s going on. In order to appreciate Anne Carson, you will almost certainly [...] by

The New York Times Profiles Anne Carson as ‘Someone from Another World’ March 15, 2013: The New York Times has profiled Anne Carson, with a piece titled "The Inscrutable Brilliance of Anne Carson," and check out that photo; she's looming. But it's more than a profile: Anne Carson was uncomfortable with the idea of a traditional profile: a journalist following her around for a few days, like a private detective, noting her [...] by

NPR’s 2013 Poetry Preview Features Ron Padgett, Anne Carson, Frank Bidart, and More Good January 9, 2013: We promised we'd lay off the lists. But have you seen NPR's 2013 Poetry Preview? It's looking forward, see. With the likes of Red Doc>, Anne Carson's much-anticipated sequel to 1999's Autobiography of Red; Stephen Burt's third collection of poems, Belmont; The Collected Poems of Ron Padgett (hooray, and on that note--how'd they miss Joseph [...] by

Judith Butler on Anne Carson’s Time of the Time of Tragedy November 16, 2012: Get this one: Judith Butler has reviewed Anne Carson's Antigonick (New Directions 2012). She writes for Public Books that, rather than a "rewrite" of Antigone, "[Carson's] text becomes the verbal and visual scanning of a prolonged scream or cry." “Antigonick” is a coinage that adds the problem of time to the character of Antigone [...] by

A Sequel to Autobiography of Red? Yes, Please! September 13, 2012: Oh, here's some great news from Random House about Red Doc>, Anne Carson's follow-up to Autobiography of Red: A literary event: a follow-up to the internationally acclaimed poetry best seller Autobiography of Red ("Amazing" —Alice Munro) that takes its mythic boy-hero into the twenty-first century to tell a story all its own of love, [...] by

Two Reviews of Anne Carson’s “Antigonick,” Pro and Con August 7, 2012: Two reviews of Anne Carson's Antigonick, which was released in May, reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian poet's non traditional translation. The first is mostly negative, hailing from the Times Literary Supplement. Calling the original "Antigone" the "most adult, unsparingly formal and radiant of masterpieces," the reviewer [...] by

Anne Carson discusses “Antigonick” at Suicide Girls July 31, 2012: Suicide Girls, a Portland-based website, posted an interview with Anne Carson on her most recent translation, "Antigonick." Here, Carson reveals that she envisions the play onstage and that she has no plans to translate comedies. She also discusses her more liberal translation choices: [Alex Dueben]: Where did the idea of translating [...] by

Measuring Anne Carson’s Antigonick May 29, 2012: Well, Anne Carson's newest objet d'art is out from New Directions. Antigonick, as we mentioned a while back, is a new translation of Sophocles's Antigone; the text itself is hand-lettered by Carson, and "features stunning drawings by Bianca Stone printed on translucent vellum pages that overlay the text." Vellum! Over at the ND blog, Tom [...] by