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A Sequel to Autobiography of Red? Yes, Please! September 13, 2012: Oh, here’s some great news from Random House about Red Doc>, Anne Carson’s follow-up to Autobiography of Red: A literary event: a follow-up to the internationally acclaimed poetry best [...] by

Two Reviews of Anne Carson’s “Antigonick,” Pro and Con August 7, 2012: Two reviews of Anne Carson’s Antigonick, which was released in May, reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian poet’s non traditional translation. The first is mostly negative, [...] by

Anne Carson discusses “Antigonick” at Suicide Girls July 31, 2012: Suicide Girls, a Portland-based website, posted an interview with Anne Carson on her most recent translation, “Antigonick.” Here, Carson reveals that she envisions the play onstage and [...] by

Measuring Anne Carson’s Antigonick May 29, 2012: Well, Anne Carson’s newest objet d’art is out from New Directions. Antigonick, as we mentioned a while back, is a new translation of Sophocles’s Antigone; the text itself is [...] by

Anne Carson’s Nox in motion May 14, 2012: For those who have read Nox and wondered what the boxed, accordion-folding book would look like as a dance performance, turn to The New York Times review of “Nox” at Danspace Project at [...] by

IOWA’S MISSION CREEK FESTIVAL- PART ONE. April 9, 2012: Like any great film, I thought I’d start the story of Iowa’s recent Mission Creek Festival with it’s end, then go back and start you off at the beginning.  So here it is.  Standing [...] by

Looking at Anne Carson’s Nox and Antigonick February 7, 2012: In anticipation of Anne Carson’s new book, Antigonick, New Directions’ Tom Roberge rounds up excerpts of reviews of her last, Nox, writing: A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of talking [...] by

ghosts and anne carson haunt nyu December 15, 2009: “The radio, the salad. Some of which, white—“ “Was it a Thursday? Was it a Friday? White stuff exploding—“ “Some of which, white, looks good in the salad—“ The audience of [...] by