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Anne Carson’s Nox in motion May 14, 2012: [caption id="attachment_46426" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Photo by Neil de la Flor"][/caption] For those who have read Nox and wondered what the boxed, accordion-folding book would look like as a dance performance, turn to The New York Times review of "Nox" at Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church: If you wanted to [...] by

IOWA’S MISSION CREEK FESTIVAL- PART ONE. April 9, 2012: Like any great film, I thought I'd start the story of Iowa's recent Mission Creek Festival with it’s end, then go back and start you off at the beginning.  So here it is.  Standing before you (above you?), tagged, tickled and pickled in Talisker.  How did we get here, you ask?  How did the Iowa Writer's Workshop and all it's glory get to [...] by

Looking at Anne Carson’s Nox and Antigonick February 7, 2012: In anticipation of Anne Carson's new book, Antigonick, New Directions' Tom Roberge rounds up excerpts of reviews of her last, Nox, writing: A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of booksellers — in groups of about eight at a time — about Anne Carson's forthcoming book, Antigonick. Of course I mentioned her [...] by

ghosts and anne carson haunt nyu December 15, 2009: “The radio, the salad. Some of which, white—“ “Was it a Thursday? Was it a Friday? White stuff exploding—“ “Some of which, white, looks good in the salad—“ The audience of Ghostparts, an interactive performance staged at NYU’s Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House last week, shuffles up carpeted [...] by