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The Noise, The Night April 18, 2014: On Monday night I stayed up until 3 a.m. waiting for a glimpse of the blood moon, a lunar eclipse where the moon shifts into earth’s shadow and flushes red with the light of the sun rising and setting in a circle all around our globe. So I’ve read. Just as the fated hour approached, a bunch of stupid clouds rolled in and I couldn’t see [...] by

The Poetry of Our Youth April 25, 2013: Why can’t I hear the music of my youth with objectivity? I really don’t know if The Unforgettable Fire is a great album or not because I loved U2 so ardently in high school that the profound and sticky wistfulness of unfulfilled teenage desire roars back to life at each listening. Of course, many songs I still like from that time I know [...] by

Having Martinis with Plath and Sexton January 3, 2013: The holidays came and went, and in the flurry of eggnog and balls dropping, we missed this item over at This Recording. Emily Rosenberg writes about finding affinities rather than strife between Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, calling their relationship "an angry symbiosis." Rosenberg gives some biographical background on the relationship [...] by

Sylvia Plath Is My Friend December 12, 2012: Lauren Quinn at This Recording has posted a bunch of vignettes of what it'd be like to be friends with famous (dead) poets. She talks about bad poetry readings with Jim Carroll, cooking with Lucille Clifton, hating on Octavio Paz with Roberto Bolano, and then this little gem with Sylvia Plath: I’m fifteen when I send Sylvia an [...] by

‘Poets tend to inhabit life’s extremes, living hard and loving harder’: Five Poet Biopics We’ll Probably Never See October 22, 2012: With The Sessions now in theaters, Christine Spines wrote this article at Word & Film. In it, she imagines five biopics centered on the life of a poet. Of Anne Sexton, she writes: A Courtney Love-like polarizing figure in the 1960’s poetry world, this Pulitzer-prizewinning confessional poet found her muse in her own mental [...] by

“Look, should I let that damn dog in?”: Anne Sexton at Home August 24, 2012: Although this video of Anne Sexton at home reading poems and talking about poetry and her family (divulging her husband's stance on her reading style and consulting with her daughter, for two) was posted in 2008, it's new to us, and it's great. Thanks for the tweet tip, Poetry International! http://youtu.be/L4VlcVfgFJk by

Consorting with Angels: on Anne Sexton February 7, 2012: The Third Coast International Audio Festival recently aired an audio documentary about Anne Sexton, which covers her life, her poetry, her therapist, and her fraught relationship with her family. The story— produced by Charlotte Austin of Whistledown Productions— draws on transcripts of Sexton's conversations with her long-time [...] by

Henry Morro’s New Gig April 29, 2011: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, Confucius purportedly said. On a recent visit to Southern California, while discussing the major influences on her work, Utah Poet Laureate Katharine Coles (Fault), director of the Utah Symposium on Science and Literature, mentioned that her parents were scientists. [...] by

Of Love and Chain Letters (Borderline Ballads) August 6, 2009: The New York Post reported yesterday that the Madonna once called on Anne Sexton's poem "Love Song" to justify her love of a former bodyguard, Jim Albright. "In a fax dated Dec. 24, 1993, Madonna wrote to Albright: 'I was the girl of the love letter/ the girl full of talk of dreams and destination . . . the one with her eyes half under [...] by