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The Poetry Project Newsletter Posts Online Supplement Containing Beautiful Remembrances of Anselm Hollo October 3, 2013: In memory of Anselm Hollo, who passed away earlier this year, the Poetry Project has published this gorgeous tribute. It begins with a remembrance by Jane Dalrymple-Hollo—his partner of many years—first read on the occasion of the Anselm Hollo Tribute Reading at the Poetry Project, on June 5, 2013. When Anselm and I began our [...] by

I Love Poets: An Interview with Chris Kraus July 23, 2013: After an introduction, what follows is the beginning of an email exchange I am currently conducting with Chris Kraus. More will follow in the coming days. I Love Dick (Semiotext(e), 1997), Chris Kraus’s epistolary first novel, begins with this entry, dated December 3, 1994: Chris Kraus, a 39 year old experimental filmmaker and Sylvere [...] by

Tom Raworth Remembers Anselm Hollo January 31, 2013: As promised (and expected) more remembrances and tributes to Anselm Hollo, who died this week, are pouring in. We wanted to draw your attention to this tribute by Tom Raworth in the Independent. Raworth reminds us of Hollo's place in the world of letters, a place that spanned national and linguistic borders: Anselm Hollo was a major [...] by

RIP Anselm Hollo January 29, 2013: We are very sorry to hear the sad news today of Anselm Hollo's passing. We reported recently that he was recovering from post-operative pneumonia and in the care of his family. Robert Archambeau offers a brief remembrance at his blog Samizdat: I am very sad to have heard from Mark Johnson that Anselm Hollo died this morning. give up [...] by

Guests of Space January 22, 2013: Mid-January is the time of travel in our household. We’re packed up for our annual trip across the Atlantic to visit family, friends, and poets in London. The transition from here to there—that tiny chunk of time when we become guests of space—inevitably churns up wild and wooly emotions. In addition to taking a Valium, I have the habit [...] by

Reading Anselm Hollo’s Poem ‘Webern’ January 14, 2013: We are thinking fondly today about Anselm Hollo, who is currently fighting hard against post-operative pneumonia and other complications. Pierre Joris posted Hollo's poem "Webern" on his Nomadics blog this weekend: "This morning, thinking of old friend Anselm Hollo now in hospice, I read into MAYA, that gorgeous 1970 Cape Golliard book of his, [...] by