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AIRPORTS FOR CLASSROOMS April 14, 2014: The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. Maybe what I mean is more simple: music for classrooms. The sometimes tense, anxious atmosphere of a workshop. The continuous looping of tradition, or convention, or both. At worst: [...] by

On Artist Moyra Davey’s The Problem of Reading January 7, 2014: Rachel Levitsky and Ariel Goldberg have had the minds' eyes to write about Moyra Davey, the artist, photographer, and writer of incredible clarity (she'll show New Yorkers at The Poetry Project this Wednesday) for Jacket2. An excerpt from "A same time speed: Moyra Davey's 'The Problem of Reading'": Davey’s “problem of reading” is [...] by

The Writing Is Protecting: Ariel Goldberg and Rachel Levitsky on the Writings of Julie Patton September 4, 2013: At Jacket2, Ariel Goldberg and Rachel Levitsky have posted a new text at "Social Reading": their new space for "conversations about writing that has some urgency to it. This project digs into the political and aesthetic necessity in corresponding on what might be called subaltern, queer, prose, hybrid, or unpublished writing." [YES!] This next [...] by

Social Reading Number One: Rachel Levitsky & Ariel Goldberg on Erika Staiti’s ‘The Undying Present’ August 7, 2013: Rachel Levitsky and Ariel Goldberg are beginning a new collaboration at Jacket2 entitled "Social Reading:" a collaborative, social practice in which Levitsky and Goldberg discuss writing that "has some urgency to it." Levitsky and Goldberg's political, aesthetically driven correspondences will explore "subaltern, queer, prose, hybrid, or [...] by

You Might Connect to Erika Staiti’s ‘The Planned Experiment’ August 28, 2012: We know it might be every day that a new poem is posted online (anyone got the stats on this?), but we've got to share with you the new work from Bay Area poet Erika Staiti that Robin Tremblay-McGaw has published on X Poetics. Tremblay-McGaw writes of the new addition: This past spring season, I missed Erika Staiti's Small Press [...] by