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Why I Cry: The Guardian Reviews Epic Volume of Men’s Poetry Choices, ‘A Real Tear-Jerker’ March 24, 2014: For the super heroes and cry babies out there, Simon and Schuster presents Poems That Make Grown Men Cry: an anthology of heart-wrenchingly emotional poetry chosen by 100 "famous and admired" men. The cover of a new collection of poetry should probably carry a sticker bearing Shakespeare's warning: "If you have tears, prepare to shed [...] by

Madness. Love. Poetry. Thutt. April 5, 2011: It can be seen as obnoxious to write in a public forum about one’s yoga practice. I get it. I do. But I’m going to do it anyway, in the interest of doing some craft work about portmanteaux. Here goes: On the first day of National Poetry Month, I went to a yoga class led by my favorite Shambhava yoga teacher here in Chicago and she [...] by

Measure for Measure September 9, 2009: Original Artwork by Paul Killebrew Anyone who has ever looked at a photo of W.H. Auden knows the man enjoyed a good martini in his time.  Perhaps one or five too many.  "But," the inimitable Rosie Schaap asks in this week's cover story, "what sort of martini?" She writes: If Tarquin Winot, the epicurean protagonist of John Lanchester’s [...] by