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A Playlist for Poetry’s January 2016 Issue January 29, 2016: For this month’s playlist, we asked the Poetry Foundation’s CFO, Caren F. Skoulas, to read through the issue and curate a selection of music for us. You can read about her approach to [...] by

A Playlist for Poetry’s December 2015 Issue December 21, 2015: Note: Poetry has an occasional series of playlists for recent issues. This month, the Poetry Foundation’s very own Patrick Samuel curated a selection of music for the December 2015 issue. He [...] by

Poetry’s September Issue Playlist September 16, 2015: Note: Poetry has begun an occasional series of playlists for recent issues. This month, contributor Ciaran Berry curated a selection of music for the September 2015 issue. The issue focuses on young [...] by

Poetry’s July/August 2015 Playlist July 29, 2015: Note: Poetry has begun an occasional series of playlists for recent issues. This month, Chicago musician and author Tim Kinsella curated a selection of music for the July/August 2015 issue. Click [...] by

A Playlist for Our June 2015 Issue June 29, 2015: It was fairly easy to create a playlist for our April 2015 issue because so many of the poems mentioned particular songs, albums, and artists. This month, our editorial assistant Holly Amos was up to [...] by

National Poetry Month Special: Download Poetry Magazine (with Audio & Video) for Free! April 1, 2015: In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’re offering lots of freebies to help you get through the cruelest month. First and foremost: the April 2015 issue of Poetry is free to download! If you [...] by

‘Yesterday we explained language': Reading, Hearing, and Remembering Amiri Baraka February 24, 2015: It’s hard to believe that it has been a little over a year since Amiri Baraka left us. Fortunately, we can still hear Baraka’s voice echoing in his poems. Our February 2015 issue includes [...] by

Join Us This Saturday for ‘Freedom of Shadow: A Tribute to Terry Adkins’ by Douglas Kearney & Val Jeanty September 15, 2014: If you attended our symposium of poets & artists last year, you may remember that the event ended with the announcement that poet Douglas Kearney and artist Terry Adkins would be collaborating [...] by

Douglas Kearney’s Fathers of the Year December 17, 2013: Douglas Kearney has four poems in our December issue on famous (or rather infamous) fathers: Kronos, Noah and Ham, Jim Trueblood, and “Every Hard Rapper’s Father Ever.” How do I [...] by

Queens poet laureate focuses on technology June 29, 2010: Paolo Javier who was recently named poet laureate of the borough of Queens thinks the future of poetry is in technology. The New York Daily News reports. By fusing multimedia platforms like film and [...] by