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Avant-Garde Cooptation April 7, 2014: What follows is a brief account of avant-garde cooptation at work in conceptual writing and the related practice of “curating” digital archives of experimental art and literature. First what was the avant-garde? Not easily pinned down, it is usually taken for granted as a 20th century genealogy of passionate formal innovation and [...] by

LA Times Profiles Ken Baumann on the Writing + Publishing + Hollywood Life May 10, 2013: LA Times' Carolyn Kellogg profiles Ken Baumann in this week's Jacket Copy. Baumann is star of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (an ABC Family sit-com), the publisher of Sator Press (an avant-garde small press that he founded in 2010), and the author of Solip (a novel that will be published by Tyrant Books on May 14th). Check out [...] by

The Meme Museum April 5, 2011: Darren Wershler has coined a term, "conceptualism in the wild," to describe practices which rage through the internet that are predicated upon earlier avant-garde tendencies without having the slightest knowledge of them. These most often involve memes. A typical "conceptualism in the wild" meme would be the series of re-subtitled Downfall [...] by