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AWP’s Saturday Bookfair Bummer February 18, 2014: Ah man! Yesterday we caught breaking news from the Stranger that this year's AWP Bookfair will NOT be open to the public on the Saturday of the conference due to weirdly complicated tax laws. Paul Constant at the Stranger opened his post with this Tweet from AWP: Then went on to write: This is hugely disappointing news. AWP brings [...] by

‘I (yet again) didn’t attend’: The 2013 AWP Conference April 8, 2013: Even though the 2013 AWP (Average White Poets?) Conference was closer to my home than usual / I (yet again) didn’t attend. Some indication as to why might be provided by quotes from a William Golding essay / and a few previous thoughts from my ongoing journal of ideas / This Is Thinking — During this last academic year in America I [...] by