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The New Yorker at AWP 2014 March 5, 2014: The New Yorker's Sasha Weiss's AWP wrap-up sheds a little light on the journey to A.W.P., fiction, and the state of publishing. When everyone seated near you on the airplane settles in with one of the big books of the season as soon as they sit down, this is a clue that you’re headed toward the Association of Writers and Writing Programs [...] by

If You Remain Not at a National Book Festival, Look at These Pretty Colors or Something February 28, 2014: While some of you-us-them are "in Seattle," hhmm, some of us profess our frolic in the unusually frigid locales we call "Etsy" "home." What's a poet without a convention center to do? At least we have clocks, uhm, you know. Might as well be Las Vegas in there! [...] Well, we could write a dream reflection for you? Or...yes you don't want that [...] by

The Stranger’s Insider Tips for an Amusing AWP + Their Staff Picks for Offsite Readings February 27, 2014: Great tips from The Stranger's Peter Mountford, for those who lack social graces! If you notice a slight uptick in the number of verbose, bedraggled, and socially inept people in downtown [Seattle] and Capitol Hill this week, it's because about 13,000 aspiring and no-longer-aspiring writers are collecting at the convention center for the [...] by

Cathy Park Hong’s Proust Questionnaire & The Frye Museum’s Cancellation of Coon Songs, Kitsch, and Conceptual Writing February 3, 2014: Cathy Park Hong answered the Proust Questionnaire for the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. "Hers is a universe flitting between ideal and corruption, urbane and cowboy," writes Yeow Kai Chai. Her answers don't flit, though. An excerpt: 4. Name one living author and one dead author you identify with most, and tell us why. I don't [...] by

‘I (yet again) didn’t attend’: The 2013 AWP Conference April 8, 2013: Even though the 2013 AWP (Average White Poets?) Conference was closer to my home than usual / I (yet again) didn’t attend. Some indication as to why might be provided by quotes from a William Golding essay / and a few previous thoughts from my ongoing journal of ideas / This Is Thinking — During this last academic year in America I [...] by

Notes from the Fence Family Brunch, Part 2 (AWP 2013, Boston) March 14, 2013: Earlier this week I posted Notes from the Fence Family Brunch, Part 1, wherein I covered topics such as: Fence managing editor Rob Arnold's possible contribution to statewide gun violence in the pacific northwest, how the first piece of literature I ever inspired told the story of a watermelon filled with human flesh, what author Jacob Wren [...] by

Tin House Guide To AWP March 7, 2013: We typically head to AWP with one of two book-buying intentions: to buy nothing or to buy one of everything. If all goes well, we come home with a well-edited stack of publications from presses and poets both new and familiar to us. Over at Tin House, Drew Swenhaugen has created a book-buying guide to AWP to help us stay on track. We have our [...] by

#Whatshouldwecallpoets or How to Survive the Internet During AWP March 6, 2013: This week, we're all planning to go to AWP, en route to Boston, or recently arrived in Boston. Those of us not going to AWP are driving our poet friends to the airport and enjoying (or not) all of the AWP-related internet hubub. Regardless of whether you're at AWP or not, we recommend taking a brief time out to look at Michelle [...] by

Two Perspectives on the Whole AWP-MFA-Glut Thing March 1, 2013: Remember the other day when we posted on Seth Oelbaum's explosive piece at HTMLGiant? It's caused something of a perturbance in the blogsphere and spurred poets to do what they do best this time of year: get dirty on AWP. Hey, we're guilty too! To keep the fires well-stoked, make your way over to The Volta where one blogger responds to [...] by

PoFo Is Hosting a Reception at AWP February 28, 2013: Yes, please join the magazine, website, and Foundation staff for cocktails Thursday night at AWP in Boston. If it's anything like past years, you'll want to get there early. A line tends to form. A long line. In front of the open bar... The deets: Thursday, Mar 7, 7:00PM–8:15PM 2013 AWP Conference & Bookfair Hynes Convention [...] by