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AWP Removes Vanessa Place From 2016 Conference Subcommittee May 18, 2015: This weekend saw the unfolding of outrage over Vanessa Place’s Twitter account, a project that (as we’ve noted previously) has been transcribing the entirety of Margaret Mitchell’s [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 1: CryptoPo April 15, 2015: In this and the rest of my Harriets I want to talk about the conditions for what I’ll loosely call Post-Poetry: Crypto, AnonyPo, Outlander-, and Lulz. More than anything, these are strategies for [...] by

Come Say Hello at AWP & See the First 3D-Printed Broadside! April 9, 2015: We say it every year, but be sure to stop by the Poetry Foundation table at AWP (booth 1303)! We’ll have the ever-popular buttons, magazines, giveaways, and subscription deals, but also [...] by

Instead of Going to AWP April 3, 2015: Instead of going to AWP, I used my vacation days from work to go to Puerto Rico and it was glorious. Instead of going to AWP, I will show up to work at 8 am each morning and leave at 4:30 pm [...] by

The New Yorker at AWP 2014 March 5, 2014: The New Yorker‘s Sasha Weiss’s AWP wrap-up sheds a little light on the journey to A.W.P., fiction, and the state of publishing. When everyone seated near you on the airplane settles in [...] by

If You Remain Not at a National Book Festival, Look at These Pretty Colors or Something February 28, 2014: While some of you-us-them are “in Seattle,” hhmm, some of us profess our frolic in the unusually frigid locales we call “Etsy” “home.” What’s a poet without [...] by

The Stranger’s Insider Tips for an Amusing AWP + Their Staff Picks for Offsite Readings February 27, 2014: Great tips from The Stranger’s Peter Mountford, for those who lack social graces! If you notice a slight uptick in the number of verbose, bedraggled, and socially inept people in downtown [...] by

Cathy Park Hong’s Proust Questionnaire & The Frye Museum’s Cancellation of Coon Songs, Kitsch, and Conceptual Writing February 3, 2014: Cathy Park Hong answered the Proust Questionnaire for the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. “Hers is a universe flitting between ideal and corruption, urbane and cowboy,” writes Yeow [...] by

‘I (yet again) didn’t attend': The 2013 AWP Conference April 8, 2013: Even though the 2013 AWP (Average White Poets?) Conference was closer to my home than usual / I (yet again) didn’t attend. Some indication as to why might be provided by quotes from a William [...] by

Notes from the Fence Family Brunch, Part 2 (AWP 2013, Boston) March 14, 2013: Earlier this week I posted Notes from the Fence Family Brunch, Part 1, wherein I covered topics such as: Fence managing editor Rob Arnold’s possible contribution to statewide gun violence in [...] by