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AWP Removes Vanessa Place From 2016 Conference Subcommittee May 18, 2015: This weekend saw the unfolding of outrage over Vanessa Place’s Twitter account, a project that (as we’ve noted previously) has been transcribing the entirety of Margaret Mitchell’s [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 1: CryptoPo April 15, 2015: In this and the rest of my Harriets I want to talk about the conditions for what I’ll loosely call Post-Poetry: Crypto, AnonyPo, Outlander-, and Lulz. More than anything, these are strategies for [...] by

Come Say Hello at AWP & See the First 3D-Printed Broadside! April 9, 2015: We say it every year, but be sure to stop by the Poetry Foundation table at AWP (booth 1303)! We’ll have the ever-popular buttons, magazines, giveaways, and subscription deals, but also [...] by

Instead of Going to AWP April 3, 2015: Instead of going to AWP, I used my vacation days from work to go to Puerto Rico and it was glorious. Instead of going to AWP, I will show up to work at 8 am each morning and leave at 4:30 pm [...] by

The New Yorker at AWP 2014 March 5, 2014: The New Yorker‘s Sasha Weiss’s AWP wrap-up sheds a little light on the journey to A.W.P., fiction, and the state of publishing. When everyone seated near you on the airplane settles in [...] by

If You Remain Not at a National Book Festival, Look at These Pretty Colors or Something February 28, 2014: While some of you-us-them are “in Seattle,” hhmm, some of us profess our frolic in the unusually frigid locales we call “Etsy” “home.” What’s a poet without [...] by

The Stranger’s Insider Tips for an Amusing AWP + Their Staff Picks for Offsite Readings February 27, 2014: Great tips from The Stranger’s Peter Mountford, for those who lack social graces! If you notice a slight uptick in the number of verbose, bedraggled, and socially inept people in downtown [...] by

AWP’s Saturday Bookfair Bummer February 18, 2014: Ah man! Yesterday we caught breaking news from the Stranger that this year’s AWP Bookfair will NOT be open to the public on the Saturday of the conference due to weirdly complicated tax laws. [...] by

Cathy Park Hong’s Proust Questionnaire & The Frye Museum’s Cancellation of Coon Songs, Kitsch, and Conceptual Writing February 3, 2014: Cathy Park Hong answered the Proust Questionnaire for the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. “Hers is a universe flitting between ideal and corruption, urbane and cowboy,” writes Yeow [...] by

‘I (yet again) didn’t attend': The 2013 AWP Conference April 8, 2013: Even though the 2013 AWP (Average White Poets?) Conference was closer to my home than usual / I (yet again) didn’t attend. Some indication as to why might be provided by quotes from a William [...] by