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Seth Oelbaum on AWP and ‘The Glut’ February 27, 2013: [caption id="attachment_61987" align="alignright" width="500"] The AWP 2010 Bookfair[/caption] If you need a mid-week dose of energy, head over to HTMLGiant, where Seth Oelbaum takes the AWP conference to task. But be prepared, when we say the post will give you some mid-week energy, we mean that you'll probably find yourself enraged and/or [...] by

Craig Santos Perez on why white editors are so mean May 13, 2011: Craig Santos Perez recently returned from the Los Angeles Times Book Festival, where he was a speaker on a panel called “The Poet’s Responsibility: Poetic Tradition, Social Values, and Contemporary Culture," and he’s done a stellar job of reporting back about the fest on his Jacket2 blog (there was a Poetry Stage!). Writes Perez, “Los [...] by

Contemporary Poetry Review teaches you to be a better (less boring) poetry reader March 18, 2011: The editors of Contemporary Poetry Review (who suspiciously resemble Statler and Waldorf) are not beyond admitting that they can still learn a thing or two at AWP. For instance, they can learn that they hate poetry readings. On their blog, they offer five tips/tricks/criticisms/rants based on the lessons they had to learn the hard way—by [...] by

Pirating the airwaves over AWP February 1, 2011: Inside Higher Ed is hosting Radio Free AWP this week. Wednesday through Sunday, tune into a ridiculous amount of podcasts (between 4-5 a day, it would appear) featuring readings, interviews, contests, and audio book outtakes somehow involving William Gass and ducks. It’s true pirate radio, internet-style, with some of my literary friends and [...] by

AWP Report (Political Poetry) April 12, 2010: This morning [4.9.10] I moderated a panel called “Writing In(to) the Age of Obama.” The purpose of the panel was two-fold: to talk about the experience of participating in a blog-turned-book project I co-edited with Arielle Greenberg and to speak about occasional poetry and political poetry. It also afforded me the opportunity to further [...] by