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New to the Internet: Brenda Hillman in Conversation with Hadley Haden Guest at Kelsey Street October 16, 2013: Wow! We just discovered Kelsey Street Press's well-comprehensive and completely delectable podcasts. Woo-wee! How did THIS ONE fall under our radar? There's a recording of Kathleen Fraser in conversation with Suzanne Stein! Brenda Hillman in conversation with Hadley Haden Guest (Barbara Guest's daughter) in a recorded interview from 2008 in [...] by

Peter Riley’s Thorough Read of Three New York School Collecteds July 1, 2013: Peter Riley has given seriously comprehensive looks to the New York School--or three brilliant aspects of it--for the UK's Fortnightly Review. Riley looks at the recent Collecteds of Barbara Guest, Joe Ceravolo, and James Schuyler. On Guest: Not that the early work is conventional. There is a range of commitment to unorthodox [...] by

Eric Baus on Barbara Guest’s ‘Saving Tallow’ June 18, 2013: Eric Baus writes about Barbara Guest for the Lost Roads Press blog, LINES, recalling her early poem "Saving Tallow": Barbara Guest’s poem “Saving Tallow” from her book The Blue Stairs plays in my head on repeat, in small patches, almost daily. There are so many unpredictable, wildly assured lines in the poem (“There was once a [...] by

Writing Poetry about Art April 12, 2013: I’m a member of the tribe who likes to write poetry about art. The first moment of ekphrastic poetry we have comes from Homer when he halts the battle action in The Illiad to describe the stunning Shield of Achilles. The most well-known ekphrastic poem is of course Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” in which he uses the fabulously-named term, [...] by

Hadley Guest and Kathleen Fraser talk about Barbara Guest May 21, 2012: Our friends at Jacket2 have a fabtabulous conversation between Hadley Guest and Kathleen Fraser on all things Barbara Guest. Make the jump to check it out. by

Poetry in 1960 Live from the Future! December 6, 2010: Kelly Writers House at University of Pennsylvania will be streaming their symposium "Poetry in 1960" live at 6pm EST tonight, Monday, December 6th. Hosted by Writers House faculty director Al Filreis, the symposium invites eleven poets to each contribute a critical essay on a poem or collection to mark its 50th anniversary. This will most likely [...] by

Music and Memory February 3, 2010: [audio:http://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Music-and-Memory-2.mp3] by