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Hyperallergic’s 2013 Poetry Snapshot December 30, 2013: Wow! What a collection of reviews! Via Hyperallergic, check out these treats (read: poetry recommendations) from John Yau, Barry Schwabsky, Albert Mobilio, and Michael Leong! We'll excerpt from the list with these write-ups from John Yau and Barry Schwabsky, respectively, below. Explore more at Hyperallergic. Alfred Starr Hamilton, A [...] by

Barry Schwabsky on the Epic Pull of Paul Celan at Hyperallergic November 18, 2013: Barry Schwabsky takes a well-scholarly go at Paul Celan's life and legacy in his review of David Young's book of Celan translations, Language Behind Bars and Susan H. Gillespie's Corona: Selected Poems of Paul Celan for Hyperallergic. The Romanian-born, German-speaking Paul Celan is one of the most translated poets in recent decades, and [...] by

Barry Schwabsky at Hyperallergic: Not Not Reading Louise Glück, But Asking Real Questions October 15, 2013: Good read from this weekend's Hyperallergic: Barry Schwabsky writes about the poem’s relation to its subject; or, not reading Louise Glück. After engaging a review in a recent issue of the London Review of Books of Louise Glück’s Poems 1962–2012, Schwabsky determines that reviewer and University of Michigan professor Gillian White [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Hits the Ground Running at Hyperallergic May 14, 2013: Hyperallergians, fear not! Barry Schwabsky has reigned-in the poetry for this weekend's installment of the epic arts and culture newsletter. Check this: Ezra Pound said poetry was news that stays news. I thought that in gathering some notes on poetry I’ve read this year I’d bring a bit of news and only after doing so realized to what [...] by

The Opposite of Olympian: Barry Schwabsky Reviews Amy King’s I Want to Make You Safe March 22, 2013: Barry Schwabsky has written a fabulously in-depth review of Amy King's I Want to Make You Safe. We appreciate it when a reviewer situates a book within the context of all of that writer's work, which is exactly what Schwabsky does in this piece. When I read King’s first full-length book, Antidotes for an Alibi, in 2005, I noticed a series [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Reviews Amelia Rosselli’s Locomotrix, Translated by Jennifer Scappettone November 5, 2012: Barry Schwabsky writes for Hyperallergic about the new translation of Italian poet Amelia Rosselli's work, Locomotrix (University of Chicago Press), brought to English by Jennifer Scappettone. Rosselli's poetry and prose, writes Schwabsky, "is the product of roiling psychological and social tensions that the poet can hardly control. As Andrea [...] by

Barry Schwabsky’s Honest Take on Denise Riley’s New Work June 4, 2012: We are so grateful for Barry Schwabsky! For Hyperallergic, he's just written at length about Denise Riley's newest publications in over a decade--we told you about the nine-part poem, "A Part Song," that appeared in the London Review of Books. She's also written Time Lived, Without Its Flow (Capsule Editions 2012), a very small book of prose [...] by