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Ben Lerner’s Favorite New Directions Books August 29, 2014: You know you’ve made it when…The New Directions blog gets an annotated look at Ben Lerner’s bedside table! Sorry, nightstand! The favorites are: “My sense of the possibilities [...] by

Ben Lerner & Joan of Arc at the Metropolitan Museum of Art August 25, 2014: Poet and now-novelist Ben Lerner meets The New York Times at the Met! Parul Sehgal talks to Lerner about his forthcoming novel, 10:04, to be published on Sept. 2 by Faber & Faber, in front of [...] by

Tao Lin Interviews Ben Lerner at The Believer August 5, 2013: Tao Lin interviews Ben Lerner for The Believer: “YOU’RE A POET; DON’T YOU HATE MOST POEMS?” Tao writes as an introduction: Increasingly, each book by Ben seems to be edited with the knowledge [...] by

Ben Lerner on Keith Waldrop’s Reissued Memoir February 26, 2013: In “Keith Waldrop’s Haunted Realism,” at The New Yorker, Ben Lerner writes of the poet and translator’s memoir (Light While There Is Light, just reissued by Dalkey Archive) [...] by

“You’re a poet; don’t you hate most poems?”: Tao Lin Interviews Ben Lerner September 11, 2012: Check out this Believer exclusive, in which Tao Lin interviews Ben Lerner. Here’s a sample of them talking about the (possible) fraudulence of poetry, among other things: BLVR: After three [...] by

Ben Lerner Chooses Daniel Poppick as Winner of BOMB’s 2012 Poetry Contest August 6, 2012: BOMB has announced the winner of their 2012 Poetry Contest! This year’s judge, Ben Lerner, chose Daniel Poppick’s “Glass Horse.” They’ve published the poem online, along [...] by

Poet-Turned-Novelist Ben Lerner talks to Granta July 9, 2012: Poet Ben Lerner recently published a novel, Leaving the Atocha Station. Today, Granta posted an interview with the author, in which Lerner reflects on his main character’s struggles and the [...] by

Casually Incandescent: Believer Poetry and Book Awards Awarded May 1, 2012: The Believer has announced some winners in the world of letters! Firstly, congratulations to Heather Christle, whose book The Trees The Trees has earned her the second-annual Believer Poetry Award. [...] by

Something in the Water: KS Poets Ben Lerner and Cyrus Console in Dialogue at LARB February 27, 2012: Topeka-born poets Ben Lerner and Cyrus Console have interviewed each other for the Los Angeles Review of Books. Tom Lutz leads us in, writing that “the two friends discuss their boyhood [...] by