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At The Believer: Tao Lin Chats with Ben Lerner September 5, 2014: It’s true! The new online issue of The Believer features a lovely conversation between poet and novelist, Tao Lin, AND poet and novelist, and author of the new already-bestselling fiction title [...] by

‘A Near-Perfect Piece of Literature:’ Maggie Nelson Reviews Ben Lerner at Los Angeles Review of Books September 3, 2014: Los Angeles Review of Books presents two writers who work across the boundaries of poetry, prose, and scholarship: Maggie Nelson and her fabulous review of Ben Lerner’s new book: 10:04. BUT OF [...] by

Ben Lerner’s Favorite New Directions Books August 29, 2014: You know you’ve made it when…The New Directions blog gets an annotated look at Ben Lerner’s bedside table! Sorry, nightstand! The favorites are: “My sense of the possibilities [...] by

Ben Lerner & Joan of Arc at the Metropolitan Museum of Art August 25, 2014: Poet and now-novelist Ben Lerner meets The New York Times at the Met! Parul Sehgal talks to Lerner about his forthcoming novel, 10:04, to be published on Sept. 2 by Faber & Faber, in front of [...] by

Tao Lin Interviews Ben Lerner at The Believer August 5, 2013: Tao Lin interviews Ben Lerner for The Believer: “YOU’RE A POET; DON’T YOU HATE MOST POEMS?” Tao writes as an introduction: Increasingly, each book by Ben seems to be edited with the knowledge [...] by

Ben Lerner on Keith Waldrop’s Reissued Memoir February 26, 2013: In “Keith Waldrop’s Haunted Realism,” at The New Yorker, Ben Lerner writes of the poet and translator’s memoir (Light While There Is Light, just reissued by Dalkey Archive) [...] by

“You’re a poet; don’t you hate most poems?”: Tao Lin Interviews Ben Lerner September 11, 2012: Check out this Believer exclusive, in which Tao Lin interviews Ben Lerner. Here’s a sample of them talking about the (possible) fraudulence of poetry, among other things: BLVR: After three [...] by

Ben Lerner Chooses Daniel Poppick as Winner of BOMB’s 2012 Poetry Contest August 6, 2012: BOMB has announced the winner of their 2012 Poetry Contest! This year’s judge, Ben Lerner, chose Daniel Poppick’s “Glass Horse.” They’ve published the poem online, along [...] by

Poet-Turned-Novelist Ben Lerner talks to Granta July 9, 2012: Poet Ben Lerner recently published a novel, Leaving the Atocha Station. Today, Granta posted an interview with the author, in which Lerner reflects on his main character’s struggles and the [...] by

Casually Incandescent: Believer Poetry and Book Awards Awarded May 1, 2012: The Believer has announced some winners in the world of letters! Firstly, congratulations to Heather Christle, whose book The Trees The Trees has earned her the second-annual Believer Poetry Award. [...] by