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Creative Compulsive Disorder and the Poet’s Journal April 22, 2013: Mary Ruefle quotes Alan Bean (an astronaut from Apollo 12 who paints pictures of the moon) in her essay Poetry and the Moon, saying “Certainly riding a rocket to the moon is the biggest kick you can have, but when I paint I get the same feeling that I got when I flew in space well. Certainly the view isn’t as good, but the best part of life is [...] by

Ben Pease’s Video Poems: Chateau Wichman Parts I-III October 2, 2012: If you liked the "Overture" of poet Ben Pease's "Chateau Wichman: Blockbuster in Verse," an experimental video poem, you'll be excited to learn that he has posted the next three installments, featured at HTML Giant. Here's a description from his first post: Chateau Wichman is a book-length poem focused on a would be-hero as ambitious as [...] by

Ben Pease Releases the First Video Installment of ‘Chateau Wichman: Blockbuster in Verse’ August 13, 2012: HTML Giant has featured poet Ben Pease's latest project on their homepage, an audio-visual poetry experience based on his epic work, "Chateau Wichman: Blockbuster in Verse." This two-minute video is merely an overture, but we're already treated to swingsets, snow-capped trees, and girls holding grapefruits over their breasts. Here, Pease talks [...] by