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Nonsite: Devoted to Bertolt Brecht September 26, 2013: Don't know if you've lately been to Emory University's terrific nonsite.org, but their tenth issue is devoted to Bertolt Brecht! As writer Jennifer Ashton puts it in her piece for the journal, "Poetry and the Price of Milk": Devoting this nonsite issue to Brecht inevitably raises the question of why we should be reading Brecht now. But [...] by

“What Must Be Said” April 10, 2012: True or false: 1. Major daily newspapers no longer publish poetry. 2. Poems are not about anything. 3. Nobel laureates in literature politely remove themselves from the public forum immediately after nomination. 4. Poetry is too difficult for the general reader. 5. Bad poems still bite. Last Wednesday on the 4th of April, Günter [...] by