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THIS IS MESSY, WE’RE NOT SORRY: Elegant Mire with Carrie Lorig, v. 2 April 16, 2015: Carrie :  i’m in the TA office right now because air conditioning and because no one comes here in the summer Cassandra:  good plan i am at home at my desk Carrie:  I just got to the page [...] by

&Now April 6, 2015: RIP Richard O. Moore, thank you for the NET Outtakes I’m on the road again, down Interstate 5 again (Southern California says “The 5″ Northern California says “5”), [...] by

THIS IS MESSY, WE’RE NOT SORRY: Elegant Mire with Carrie Lorig, v. 1 April 3, 2015: What is the idiom of friendship? How do you open yourself up to the possibility of another’s language in a way where you can let it enter your own as a generous breeding? Latching on, barnacle [...] by

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Arabelle Sicardi April 3, 2015: I first met Arabelle Sicardi through Cassandra Gillig, who was her roommate at the time in New Jersey, although tbh I think we already stalked each others’ tumblrs. Cass told me these stories [...] by

Bhanu Kapil Requests Apology From Ryan Boudinot March 4, 2015: Well, we kept our eyes peeled, as promised! Bhanu Kapil responds to the recent Stranger article in which Ryan Boudinot, writing of his time at the Goddard low-residency MFA program, suggested [...] by

AIRPORTS FOR CLASSROOMS April 14, 2014: The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. Maybe what I mean is more simple: music for [...] by

Bhanu Kapil to Teach Free Community Workshop at Anthology Book Co. October 4, 2013: Bhanu Kapil will lead a free, community workshop at Anthology Book Co. (Loveland, Colorado) on Saturday, October 12th. The only requirement: participants must buy a snack and a book from the [...] by

And Then There Are Ghosts June 19, 2013: Twelve years ago my father died. For two years prior he had been fighting a debilitating cancer of the plasma cells called Myeloma. I watched him during that time shrink from a hulking, and sometimes [...] by

The Stunning Poverty of Unrest June 11, 2013: At the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival a few weeks back, I picked up a copy of Simone White’s chapbook, Unrest, which was published this year by Ugly Duckling Presse. In it she writes, “My brother [...] by

Deterritorializations: Repetition, Stutter, Report (the second of two brief forays with a P.S. to come) May 2, 2013: I want to explore a word that has taken hold of my consciousness and the hum of my interior thoughtscape—a word I realize, as I try to write about it, I don’t quite know how to articulate (which [...] by