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Travels with Billy: Billy Collins’s Archive Heads to Texas January 21, 2014: The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin has purchased wildly popular poet, Billy Collins's archive. The archive includes doodles, correspondences, and childhood writing. For more about the archive, here's word from the NY Times. Billy Collins, a former United States poet laureate and the rare poet to send books onto [...] by

A Story We Can Really Get Behind: ‘Why You Should Buy Poetry This Holiday Season’ at Huffington Post December 4, 2013: Kelly Forsythe of Copper Canyon Press reminds readers (and us, frankly) why poetry books make excellent gifts (even, yes, for non-poets) this holiday season. While it may seem obvious that the term holiday implies one of the few moments of our year during which we can truly relax, shutdown our conceptual brains and tune-in to the [...] by

Ira Glass on His Practice Catching Up with His Taste August 30, 2012: Ira Glass took part in this interview over at SF Gate. In it, Glass is asked about another film interview he did in which he talked about storytelling and how it's important to have the patience to allow one's practice to catch up with one's taste. It's a great video, watch it. A bit later, however, he describes the evolution of his voice [...] by

Belz on Collins February 21, 2012: Aaron Belz wrote a review of Billy Collins' Horoscopes for the Dead for Cardus. The review looks in great detail at a number of poems in the collection while thinking about the entire book, and is worth the read post-jump. Here, though, is Belz's defense of Collins-the-oft-criticized: I've always liked Billy Collins. I've wanted to [...] by

A call for more poetry activists among the laureates March 29, 2011: In an opinion piece for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Julia Baird laments the relative invisibility of poet laureates among the general public. The deficiency isn't in the public's taste for poetry but rather the title itself, the kind of person it's bestowed upon and what it should require of its bearer. Baird recalls the efforts of Joseph Brodsky [...] by

Without Walls: Kyle Schlesinger Edits ABR April 16, 2010: Kyle Schlesinger, friend, colleague, and editor of countless invaluable bibilographic and poetic objects, has a wonderful feature in the most recent American Book Review, entitled "Poetry Without Walls." To give you a sense of this project, I quote at length from Schlesinger's introduction to the feature: "Readers will notice that there is [...] by