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Global Warming Is Caused by Desire: Talking With James Sherry at BOMBLOG February 25, 2014: Over at BOMBLOG, we're delighted to see a conversation with James Sherry about his most recent work, Oops! Environmental Poetics, out late 2013 with BlazeVOX. Zoe R. Panagopoulos gets right to the heart of it: Oops! Environmental Poetics addresses poets, ecologists, politicians, environmental scientists, and anyone else concerned by [...] by

Geoffrey Gatza’s Duchampian Apollo February 10, 2014: At the Huffington Post, Loren Kleinman talks with poet and publisher of BlazeVOX, Geoffrey Gatza. They discuss Gatza's new work, Apollo, a "conceptual poetry collection" inspired by Marcel Duchamp's art, life, strategies. For Gatza, the book acts as a readymade and uses the form of a ballet. More: GG: ...At its heart, this book is about [...] by

Freaky Halloween Special from BlazeVox and Kent Johnson! October 31, 2013: Our friends at BlazeVox, as promised last week here, bring you something terrifying for Halloween: Edgar Allan Poe! Kent Johnson! Conceptual Poetry (ahhhh)!! Without further ado, BlazeVox Films presents: E. Allan Po Reading: Anagrammatic Incantation by “Conceptual Poetry.” By Kent Johnson? Watch below! Then go here for the full text of the [...] by

‘from the mind of Kent Johnson’: Teaser for E. Allan Po. Reading: Anagrammatic Incantation by ‘Conceptual Poetry’ October 24, 2013: Our good friends at BlazeVox have piqued our interest with this teaser/trailer ("from the mind of Kent Johnson") for an upcoming movie to be released everywhere on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2013. Yes, everywhere! Regardez! by

BlazeVox’s Geoffery Gatza in Conversation with Nin Andrews June 4, 2012: Geoffery Gatza took part in this interview with Nin Andrews over at the Best American Poetry blog. Here he talks about how one can become a BlazeVox author and the press's international authorship: NA: How does one become a BlazeVOX author? GG: It’s a very simple process; one sends his or her work to us by email. If the work [...] by

NEA Calls Out BlazeVOX Authors March 8, 2012: Wow. Remember the bananas that was the BlazeVOX scandal? First, down in flames for changing its funding model to include author contributions; then, up from ashes. Now it looks like those authors published by BlazeVOX are prohibited from receiving an NEA Creative Writing Fellowship (deadline was March 1), unless they redefine their [...] by