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Death of a Kingmaker: A Critical Evaluation of Silliman’s Blog April 8, 2011: Ron Silliman was the Cal Ripken, Jr. of the poetry blogosphere. He was a good player, but more important, he consistently showed up for every game. And by getting up and making the donuts each morning he enacted the Long Tail theory of the web, moving so far out in front of the other poetry bloggers that he, by default, assumed the power position [...] by

The lost poems, or the space of blogging March 30, 2010: Where do you find the time? That's the question most often asked of me when the subject of blogging comes up. Particularly over the past three months of posting on Harriet, keeping up my own blog, Twittering, teaching, and so on.  There are several strands of thinking that emerge from this question for me, once one gets past the idea that of [...] by

Slow Blogging January 16, 2010: I have been mulling over what to post here on Harriet, and when. I wanted to mention the passing of PK Page, for one, but she deserves a more well-thought out post than I could do in an hour or two. Then this morning I realized that part of what is making me reluctant to post is not the posts themselves, but the question of how much time I can [...] by