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The Winter of Our Disco Tent April 18, 2014: “...the terrible and noteworthy irony...”—H.H. Bancroft. New York City during the war years was, unless you were eating sushi with the Simics, a dark and horrible place. It was as if someone had loaded a leaf blower with copy toner and gone postal. Some of it got onto the 9-pound models’ eyes and they didn’t even blink. The [...] by

Sibyl Kempson, Kenny Goldsmith, Judith Malina, Ariana Reines & More Featured in CUNY Poetry in Theatre Program May 24, 2013: Poetry and theater are necking in the coat closet again--if you're in New York on June 3, check out the CUNY Graduate Center Segal Theatre's latest extraordinary programming, "Poetry in Theatre: Early Frank O’Hara + Plays by Contemporary Poets, with Judith Malina," which features Ariana Reines & Jim Fletcher, Kenneth Goldsmith, Bob [...] by

Bob Holman Shows Us the Poetry Sights in the New York Post March 19, 2013: Bob Holman gives readers a tour of his "poetic New York," starting with The Poetry Project and ending up at Strivers’ Row between 138th and 139th Streets, for the New York Post. A start: 1. The Poetry Project, 131 E. 10th St. It’s been in existence since 1966, and is completely artist-run. Patti Smith was a performer there; Allen [...] by

Carol Muske-Dukes & Bob Holman Start a Neo-Con Convo on Poetry and Empire with American Renga June 8, 2011: Poets Carol Muske-Dukes and Bob Holman are chatting rengas and relevance on the Huffington Post! Their recent co-edited publication, Crossing State Lines: An American Renga, is out to "(mostly) approving press," as Muske-Dukes notes. The book originated with an idea from painter Eric Fischl, who wanted to suss out how Americans were feeling about [...] by

Tales of Evil Kitty November 25, 2009: The Museum of Modern Art here in Nu Yawk has a small exhibit on Manhattan’s downtown music scene during the late seventies and early eighties up at the moment, and I found myself strolling through it with various family members last week.  Some interesting materials are to be found in the show, particularly on the video side, though it has a [...] by