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Bobbie Louise Hawkins’s Home Videos January 23, 2014: We hope you're like us and can never get too much Bob Creeley and friends. Up today at Jacket2 is a set of home videos shot by Bobbie Louise Hawkins from 1962-1965. From Charles Bernstein: Bobbie Louise Hawkins took these home movies from 1962 to 1965. She provided them to Robert McTavish for his film about the Vancouver poetry [...] by

New Poems from Bobbie Louise Hawkins Are Reviewed at HTMLGIANT October 9, 2012: One of poetry's favorite prose stylists, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, has some new books out, including a Belladonna* book of poems! Furthermore, these have just been reviewed at HTMLGIANT by Bay Area poet Patrick Dunagan. "Fifteen Poems is a republication of a lyrical sequence of poems that Bobbie Louise Hawkins wrote and read in 1971 in Bolinas. [...] by

New Blank Document December 7, 2009: I remember being lazy and stupid and nonetheless curious. I remember the Optionists, the Actualists, the Pre-Born Bag of Chipists, the Expos, and the Typing Wild Speechists. I remember white roaches, making myself puke, digging through trash for empty cartons to fill with hydrant sprinkler water, letting myself be bit by a toothless dog at age [...] by