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Fireworks at BOMB: LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs & Morgan Parker in Conversation W/ Virginia McLure March 27, 2014: Virginia McClure brings together LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and Morgan Parker for a conversation at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, freshly published at BOMB. One brilliant moment from their conversation, here: VM: LaTasha, you work in several mediums—poetry, dance, music, jewelry—but what do you feel poetry can do [...] by

CA Conrad to Judge Bomb’s Poetry Contest February 6, 2014: Get your poem on! CA Conrad is judging <em>BOMB Magazine's annual poetry contest! Guideline Highlights: No more than 5 poems, submissions MUST be anonymous, BOMB is only accepting online submissions, deadline is April 30! Full details below. Break a pencil! BOMB is excited to announce the 2014 Poetry Contest, judged by poet [...] by

Jason Dodge in Conversation With Caroline Knox at BOMBLOG January 21, 2014: At BOMBLOG: Artist Jason Dodge talked with poet Caroline Knox, whose eighth book, Flemish, came out from Wave Books in 2013. Their conversation circles the visual mind, Knox's reading life, art as can opener, and more. An excerpt: JD Well, one of the things that drew me to your work is something that I don’t know if I necessarily have [...] by

Amina Cain & Renee Gladman Talk in Slow Arresting Images at BOMB November 25, 2013: BOMB has Renee Gladman and Amina Cain in discussion over "not only ... their new books, but about language as a stage, the dreams books have, landscape painting, and stories as cluttered tables." The two writers are also in conjunction in book form, with Gladman's Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge (the third book in her Ravicka series) and Cain's [...] by

Roberto Tejada Interviews Rodrigo Toscano at BOMB June 24, 2013: Who knew that Roberto Tejada used to be mistaken for Rodrigo Toscano on the regular, because they share the same first and last initials? As Tejada points out with such humility at the start of his interview with Toscano for BOMB Magazine: Once upon a time, before everybody’s face splashed across the social media, and on more than [...] by

Mary Jo Bang’s Inferno Translation Reviewed February 6, 2013: Most poets and scholars have a favorite translation of Dante's Inferno. We freely admit to having a soft spot for the first U.S. translation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but we know that not every reader wants a version rendered with such romantic language. For rhyme purists, there's Laurence Binyon's translation rendered in terza rima (with [...] by

Donald Dunbar’s Marvelous Q&A at BOMBLOG February 1, 2013: The great reviewer Donald Dunbar talks to BOMB's Jonathan Aprea about his new book Eyelid Lick (Fence Modern Poets Series Winner 2012), which is, as Aprea writes, "a surreal text whose poetry is anchored by its syntactical coherence." Perhaps this stems from such a theory as Dunbar makes explicit here: "Language is mind control. We don’t get [...] by

Read Daniel Borzutzky’s ‘Data Harbor’ at BOMB January 4, 2013: We'd highly recommend a gander at this: Chicago poet Daniel Borzutzky has some new work in BOMB's First Proof, and they've put the data up for your digital eyes. An excerpt from "Data Harbor" (please read the full text there): I. The manager at Data Harbor quit her job to become a conceptual artist. She used to oversee the [...] by