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Global Warming Is Caused by Desire: Talking With James Sherry at BOMBLOG February 25, 2014: Over at BOMBLOG, we're delighted to see a conversation with James Sherry about his most recent work, Oops! Environmental Poetics, out late 2013 with BlazeVOX. Zoe R. Panagopoulos gets right to the heart of it: Oops! Environmental Poetics addresses poets, ecologists, politicians, environmental scientists, and anyone else concerned by [...] by

At BOMBLOG: Talking With Andy Mister About Liner Notes December 19, 2013: Patrick Gaughan interviews Andy Mister about his new book, Liner Notes (Station Hill Press of Barrytown 2013), for BOMBLOG. This one's for you music lovers: "Andy taps into the inevitable mingling of rock myth with the real, of icons and us (whoever we are), and how some of us never stop looking in the mirror for latent Nicos or Bowies behind [...] by

Mike Young + Jack Christian @ BOMBLOG July 17, 2013: At BOMBLOG, Mike Young interviews Jack Christian, author of the new poetry book, Family System. Family System was winner of the 2012 Colorado Poetry Prize. Their conversation is a fast-moving vehicle and we enjoyed passages like this one, right from the start: When BOMB asked me to interview Jack Christian about his book Family System, I [...] by

How to Take Care of a Really Cool Book Jacket May 16, 2013: ...like those ones that are on books published by New Directions... Oh wait! Here's one! Our friends over at BOMBLOG, recently posted a fantastic conversation between Michael Barron (Poet and Associate Editor at New Directions ) and Elaine Lustig Cohen (Artist, Designer, and Partner/Collaborator of the late Alvin Lustig: legendary book jacket [...] by

The Gigantic Heart of BIRDS LLC April 2, 2013: When you get a small press that does such gorgeous and professional work, and at the same time doesn’t sacrifice a moment of heart in the process, you get a something like Birds LLC. They’re like the pinnacle of enthusiasm for contemporary young poet's full-length books. And of reinventing self-publishing. What has given me pause lately is [...] by