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Ciao Italia! Italy Offers Tax Deductions for Books January 2, 2014: That's libro, in Italian! The Italian government has unveiled a master plan for attracting foreign investment, and for some reason, it includes a tax deduction for people who buy books! The plan, called Destinazione Italia (Destination Italy), aims to open up Italy to the outside world and increase the competitiveness of national [...] by

The Marketplace Fairness Act: Taxes for Books Purchased Online? May 8, 2013: Yes, friends, it's true: we may have to pay taxes for books purchased online, if the Market Fairness Act, which just moved quickly through the Senate, also passes quickly through the House. The Market Fairness Act supports equal taxation for three-dimensional (ye St. Marks Bookshop, ye Moe's Books, ye Seminary Co-op) and online (ye Amazon.com, [...] by

Cigarettes for Non-Smokers May 25, 2010: Via The Book Bench: Earlier this month, the Hamburg-based publisher Automatenverlag unveiled some re-tooled cigarette dispensers that have been transformed into vending machines stocked with wholesome offerings in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Back in February, Tank Books started selling classic stories and novellas packaged in [...] by

the episode in which I hug everyone April 3, 2010: Since my arrival in NYC on Thursday I have hugged at least 30 great, and new, and new great American writers. And tomorrow I have a few more to add to my list.  I’ve only been in public about 18 hours total, so that adds up to more than two love encounters an hour. I have the scent of America’s poetry scene on my skin, and the words of [...] by