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Thom Donovan / The Hole / Displaced Press / 2012 April 12, 2013: The Hole is presented as in process of completion / perhaps as still in process but not (not) toward completion – the title is hand-written on the cover / there’s some scribbling / a bar code / [...] by

Pop Star Robyn & Poet Brenda Iijima: Together at Last? May 29, 2012: We have no clue who the mysterious artist is that decided to sync up Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” with Brenda Iijima’s choreographed movement as filmed in collaboration with [...] by

CalArts Student Design Collective Interviews Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs March 26, 2012: A great interview with poet and small-press publisher Brenda Iijima has just gone up at student-run FISK, a collective at CalArts for student designers. The interview focuses on Iijima’s press, [...] by

Belladonna Book Launch and Two Blurbs March 31, 2010: A week from next Tuesday, Belladonna series in NYC, a series that for the past decade has catered to women’s writing in particular, will celebrate the release of five books, all of which are [...] by

ON Contemporary Practice Volume 2 February 9, 2010: For anyone out in the Bay Area tomorrow night, coeditors Michael Cross and Kyle Schlesinger, and a critical mass of Bay Area contributors will launch ON Contemporary Practice 2 at Moe’s Books in [...] by

Bruce Boone Weekend January 28, 2010: This past weekend in New York City I will always remember as the Bruce Boone weekend. On Friday night Boone read as part of a launch event for Nightboat Books at Metro Pictures gallery in Chelsea. He [...] by

Commoning part II January 26, 2010: I am still wrapping my head around what happened at Lower Manhattan Cultural Counsel this past weekend. Clearly, it was one of those conversations that needed to happen because everyone had something [...] by