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Thom Donovan / The Hole / Displaced Press / 2012 April 12, 2013: The Hole is presented as in process of completion / perhaps as still in process but not (not) toward completion – the title is hand-written on the cover / there’s some scribbling / a bar code / and a photo the image of a paper clip holds to the cover’s edge – the notes / which describe for the most part when the poems were written or [...] by

Pop Star Robyn & Poet Brenda Iijima: Together at Last? May 29, 2012: We have no clue who the mysterious artist is that decided to sync up Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" with Brenda Iijima's choreographed movement as filmed in collaboration with videographer Tammy Fortin (originally published at Elective Affinities), but it truly does exist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFKJu5mM080&feature=youtu.be Iijima [...] by

CalArts Student Design Collective Interviews Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs March 26, 2012: A great interview with poet and small-press publisher Brenda Iijima has just gone up at student-run FISK, a collective at CalArts for student designers. The interview focuses on Iijima's press, Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs, which many of you must be familiar with. Inspired by Jen Hofer's Literary Citizenship class, one of FISK's editors got some [...] by

Belladonna Book Launch and Two Blurbs March 31, 2010: A week from next Tuesday, Belladonna series in NYC, a series that for the past decade has catered to women's writing in particular, will celebrate the release of five books, all of which are must reads in my opinion: Dorothea Lasky's Black Life (Wave Books), Brenda Iijima's revv. you’ll—ution (Displaced Press) and If Not Metamorphic [...] by

ON Contemporary Practice Volume 2 February 9, 2010: For anyone out in the Bay Area tomorrow night, coeditors Michael Cross and Kyle Schlesinger, and a critical mass of Bay Area contributors will launch ON Contemporary Practice 2 at Moe’s Books in Berkeley. When Michael, Kyle, and I conceived of the journal about two and a half years ago it was at the Tile Bar in the East Village after a [...] by

Bruce Boone Weekend January 28, 2010: This past weekend in New York City I will always remember as the Bruce Boone weekend. On Friday night Boone read as part of a launch event for Nightboat Books at Metro Pictures gallery in Chelsea. He was preceded by Evelyn Reilly and Marcella Durand, who read from the Eco Language Reader (co-published by Nightboat Books and Portable Press at [...] by

Commoning part II January 26, 2010: I am still wrapping my head around what happened at Lower Manhattan Cultural Counsel this past weekend. Clearly, it was one of those conversations that needed to happen because everyone had something to say about the topic of "commons." In attendance were no less than twenty people, many of whom participated in the discussion including Alan [...] by