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on the small press, part three: ‘the writers who we have heard at some grimy event’ April 23, 2014: The third in a series of posts featuring editors and publishers discussing their projects. Today: Mess Editions and Chris Fritton. Mess Editions is Andrea Abi-Karam, Paul Murufas, Wendy Trevino, Lara Durback, who all met in Oakland. Mess Editions is just starting out, but we intend to only publish writers with some combination of these [...] by

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair: Kickstarting Their Way to April 5th March 20, 2014: Wow, has it been 8 years already? Time flies when you're DIYing some sweet poetry books, no? The good folks hosting the 8th annual Buffalo Small Press Book Fair are calling on you to help make their April 5th opening as free, open, and awesome as it's always been. You want some deets? Here ya go! 8th Annual Buffalo Small Press Book Fair [...] by

The 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Recap May 29, 2013: On Friday, April 5th I found myself in the wrong rust belt city, surrounded by the wrong group of rust belt poets. I was in Cleveland when I was supposed to be getting ready to write an "Open Door" feature on the 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. Like John Carter of Mars, I found myself transported to the wrong place and wrong time for the civic [...] by

Buffalo’s Small Press Book Fair Now Accepting Applications! January 9, 2013: It's official. 2013 vendor applications are now open for the 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. What's it all about? This: Do you make your own books, zines or art? Do you run a small press or bookstore? Do you make something bookish or book-like? If you answer yes to any of the above questions (or have your own great DIY idea that [...] by