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Storm Soaked Bread and CAConrad June 20, 2012: Tom Trudgeon at HTMLGIANT reviews CAConrad's Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon! "You also see the exercise make the poem." That's about right. More: Suddenly is a speed – in as much as it awakens us to see a constancy we’ve stepped out from. This is in large part what I suppose we all look for in literature or art of any sort. Conrad’s [...] by

Happy Birthday, Allen Ginsberg! June 3, 2011: In honor of Allen Ginsberg's birthday today, we'd like to point you to a new project from poet CAConrad, who has created several "short video docu-ramas" under his larger Jupiter 88 video journal (which now includes 48 separate entries of poets reading). This time, for June's HOWL Festival in New York, Conrad got heaps more to sit in front of [...] by

CA Conrad wants you to watch this witch dance and do these somatic poetry exercies June 29, 2010: CA Conrad offers this somatic poetry exercise, inspired by Mina Loy, Mary Wigman and Maria Raha. DAY ONE: As a preliminary, read the Loy quote aloud, then immediately watch Mary Wigman's 1914 dance HEXENTANZ on You Tube, and watch Wigman with the volume as LOUD as possible. Then read the first of the twelve sections you've created in [...] by

Fuck Death Revisited April 2, 2010: The following (posted below) is from an essay I have been working on since last fall. The essay attempts to think about CA Conrad's poetics in relation to biopolitics and radical conceptions of the 'the body'/somatic practices as potential sites for a universal subject. It also is, unabashedly, in tribute to Conrad, who many of us can't help [...] by

ON Contemporary Practice Volume 2 February 9, 2010: For anyone out in the Bay Area tomorrow night, coeditors Michael Cross and Kyle Schlesinger, and a critical mass of Bay Area contributors will launch ON Contemporary Practice 2 at Moe’s Books in Berkeley. When Michael, Kyle, and I conceived of the journal about two and a half years ago it was at the Tile Bar in the East Village after a [...] by

CA Conrad’s and Frank Sherlock’s The City Real and Imagined February 5, 2010: Sunday of this past weekend saw the official New York City launch of CA Conrad’s and Frank Sherlock’s collaborative book-length poem The City Real and Imagined, published by Heretical Texts, at the Zinc Bar reading series hosted by Dorothea Lasky. Among a crowd of friends and admirers the two poets read their book in its entirety, calling [...] by

Starting in on Marina’s question December 31, 2009: I just heard someone say about another someone that “she likes to date guys who wear ironic hats.” I prefer unplanned irony, personally speaking, which is another way of saying I don’t pay any attention to the matter unless someone like Rudy Giuliani has the accidental nerve to publicly state “If I can make it, it’s not art.” Back [...] by