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CAConrad Spearheading Philadelphia Poetry Hotel August 7, 2012: He's on quite the roll, CAConrad. On the heels of his great new book, A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon, comes this new and great endeavor, The Philadelphia Poetry Hotel. From the blog: Due to escalating rents making it impossible for poor and working class poets to move to the city and write, CAConrad will open the Philadelphia Poetry [...] by

CAConrad, Head Scout Queen of America July 19, 2012: After news of this decision by the Boy Scouts of America upholding the policy of excluding openly gay leaders and members, poet CAConrad has launched his own organization—Queer Scouts of America. From CA's blog: In honor of the July, 2012 Boy Scouts of America vote to once again exclude gay scout leaders and queer boy scouts I am [...] by

CAConrad’s A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon Reviewed at The Stranger March 20, 2012: The reviews are coming in for CAConrad's newest, A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon, just out from Wave Books (as if ya didn't hear). Paul Constant, writing for Seattle's The Stranger, remarks that Conrad's The Book of Frank might be "the closest a book of poems can come to a novel," whereas A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon "is more overtly about [...] by

Myles, Conrad, Buuck Give Impromptu Reading at Laundromat March 20, 2012: Check this out from Andrew Kenower's Vimeo page: Last night CAConrad, David Buuck and Eileen Myles read at Artists' Television Access in San Francisco for Small Press Traffic. The reading was sold out and a few dozen people were turned away. After the reading Eileen and Conrad read to some of those who couldn't get in at Mission [...] by

“We must do our best to make this world OUR WORLD, and we can do it through our art.”: An Interview with CAConrad March 7, 2012: CAConrad took part in this interview with Philebrity. Here he talks about poetry as religion and the impact of music on our brains and work, which lead to one of his (Soma)tic exercises. New (Soma)tics are gathered in A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon, available for pre-order from Wave Books. In your interview with poet Thom Donovan at [...] by

“But an American female or queer writer can never be allowed, say, to irresponsibly suggest to the reader for even a moment that she doesn’t know where she’s going.” February 29, 2012: Eileen Myles and CAConrad—both celebrating new books published by Wave Books--are in conversation over at BOMBLOG. Not too long ago, Myles interviewed Conrad, writing: "Conrad and his creations, I hope you’ll agree, belong everywhere. I’ve never seen him occupy a room—especially one he reads his work in—where he hasn’t affected a [...] by

Pew Fellowships in the Arts go to CAConrad and Pattie McCarthy July 19, 2011: It's been on the poetry grapevine for weeks, but the official press release came out today! The 2011 Pew Fellows in the Arts have been announced by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, and they include poets CAConrad and Pattie McCarthy. Awarded by a panel of experts across the disciplines, the $60,000 fellowships annually go to 12 artists and [...] by

The Tale of David Buuck and the Crystal Nexus July 14, 2011: We're plenty sure that you're familiar with CAConrad by now, and most significantly, with his (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises, which have produced some great results from poets all over the yard—but this one takes the cake. Conrad created #54, "Crystal Nexus," just for our favorite Oakland-based performance radical, David Buuck, "who eats the dirt." [...] by