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The Poetry of Our Youth April 25, 2013: Why can’t I hear the music of my youth with objectivity? I really don’t know if The Unforgettable Fire is a great album or not because I loved U2 so ardently in high school that the profound and sticky wistfulness of unfulfilled teenage desire roars back to life at each listening. Of course, many songs I still like from that time I know [...] by

Reading Book of Dog at the Rumpus November 5, 2012: Camille Dungy chose Cleopatra Mathis's Book of Dog for the Rumpus Poetry Book Club. Why, you may ask? Here's why: I don’t really even care for dogs, but reading Book of Dog I care, very deeply, for three dogs and a pack of coyotes. I care about a spider and a day old mouse. I care about an over-wintering beetle, a drowning chipmunk [...] by

A Closer Look at Four New Collections by Four Bay Area Poets October 11, 2012: Dean Rader wrote this HuffPo blog post on four collections he considers best of the Bay Area. The four poets highlighted are Aaron Shurin, Camille Dungy, W. S. Di Piero, and Jane Hirshfield. Of Dungy, Rader has this to say: The most eclectic collection under review is Camille T. Dungy's Smith Blue. There are many things to like [...] by