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Carmen Giménez Smith on Harryette Mullen’s Urban Tumbleweed November 8, 2013: This one's in from NPR, Carmen Giménez Smith reviews Harryette Mullen's newest and lovely creation, Urban Tumbleweed: Notes from a Tanka Diary, out now from Graywolf Press. The pastoral is one of literature's oldest forms; it's safe to say our ideas about nature, however, have changed rapidly and radically in the modern age. Poet [...] by

Roundtable on a More Complicated Latino/a Poetry Now at PSA June 20, 2013: Installment 4 of Latino/a Poetry Now, at Poetry Society of America, features J. Michael Martínez, Carmen Giménez Smith, Roberto Tejada; and is worth a read, especially if you fancied our recent post on the new Noemi Press/ILS collaboration. Francisco Aragón introduces the interview: When I curated the slate that became installment 4 [...] by

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club looks at “Goodbye F**cker” June 7, 2012: That's Carmen Giménez Smith's “Goodbye, Flicker." And it's the talk of the Rumpus Poetry Book Club this week. Brian Spears starts off the conversation describing how the book piqued his interested, from a wonderful misreading of the title: Brian S: So I have a quick story about how I chose this book, and then we can get to the questions. [...] by

The Day Disco Died May 22, 2012: Yesterday, NPR posted the latest installment in their very cool series they're calling NewsPoet. This time around, Carmen Giménez Smith delivers the news-that-stays-news by riffing on Frank O'Hara's "The Day Lady Died" and acknowledging the very sad passing of Bee Gees's Robin Gibb. From the article: Carmen Gimenez Smith sat down with [...] by