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From Alejandro Ventura: A Proposal to Incinerate the Poetry Books October 22, 2013: The thought-provoking continues over at Revolution and/or Poetry, where the manifestos poetics statements (given originally through the vocal cords and for four minutes, at the recent Revolution and/or Poetry conference) are rolling in--last week we read Francesca Lisette's ideas toward revolutionary tenderness ("Tenderness isn’t always soft, [...] by

Drone War Poem: Joyelle McSweeney Defends Josef Kaplan’s Kill List October 17, 2013: Responses to Josef Kaplan's Kill List (Cars Are Real 2013), which we aimed at the other day, are employing the Internet's breakneck form well--Joey Yearous-Algozin has already made Real Kill List (Troll Thread 2013), which drops a Facebook-reaction comment-stream into PDF (sequels forthcoming?); and today, Joyelle McSweeney responds to the [...] by

Baltimore’s CARS ARE REAL Presents Josef Kaplan’s Kill List, Among Other Clean Energy October 11, 2013: Are you a rich poet? Comfortable? Missing? Find out: Josef Kaplan's Kill List is now available as a free PDF from CARS ARE REAL, a way-worthy new project from Baltimore poet and artist Alejandro Ventura. CAR's first series includes other PDF books from authors Robert Michael O'Brien, Laura A. Warman, Lesser Alvarez, Alicia Puglionesi, and [...] by