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A Conversation between Anthony McCann and Catherine Wagner October 25, 2012: Hop on over to LARB for this interview Anthony McCann conducted with Catherine Wagner. Here, Wagner talks about "lifeliness" and revision: AM: First, a question about “lifeliness.” Then, I want to ask about revision. Your thoughts here reminded immediately of the intro-note to your book and the scene it stages or re-stages where [...] by

Catherine Wagner Is Real Life Cathy in New Interview About Nervous Device October 4, 2012: You were directed to Catherine Wagner's newest, Nervous Device, just the other day. Lucky for us, Wagner has just been interviewed about the book at Art Animal. Elizabeth Coleman mentions Wagner's shifts in demeanor from "mortally shy" (as Wagner self-describes) to "disarmingly honest" (Coleman's thinking). Beautifully, Wagner explains it [...] by

Publishers Weekly Reviews Catherine Wagner’s Fourth Collection, Nervous Device September 20, 2012: Oh, we are so excited. Publishers Weekly has taken a liking to Catherine Wagner's newest book, Nervous Device, which is out in October from City Lights Spotlight series, edited by Garrett Caples. PW writes: Wagner’s fourth collection contains poems of memory and dark artifice. She writes with an obscure, magnetic lens. Wagner’s [...] by

Summer Edition of Poetic Labor Project Features Jamie Townsend, Anna Vitale, Josef Kaplan, and Catherine Wagner July 23, 2012: The newest installment of The Poetic Labor Project is up, featuring a "new set of texts considering poetry, politics, and labor" by Jamie Townsend, Anna Vitale, Catherine Wagner, and Josef Kaplan. What a lineup, seriously. You can read these beauts at the blog or download them as a PDF. For now, might we fawn over Cathy Wagner: "I work at a [...] by

Catherine Wagner and Debrah Morkun at Pennsound May 21, 2012: For those of you in Chicago who missed Catherine Wagner reading last Friday here, surf over to Pennsound to check out her reading here (with a Debrah Morkun bonus!). by

Catherine Wagner’s Recent Male Intervention Decision March 12, 2012: Don't know if you've checked out Flying Object's feature, It's My Decision ("A series featuring a poem, story, or visual art by somebody"), but today is the day. Just posted is Catherine Wagner's poem "RECENT MALE INTERVENTION," chosen by It's My Decision #21 Amick Boone. See All the Decisions here. by