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Cathy Park Hong’s Proust Questionnaire & The Frye Museum’s Cancellation of Coon Songs, Kitsch, and Conceptual Writing February 3, 2014: Cathy Park Hong answered the Proust Questionnaire for the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. "Hers is a universe flitting between ideal and corruption, urbane and cowboy," writes Yeow Kai Chai. Her answers don't flit, though. An excerpt: 4. Name one living author and one dead author you identify with most, and tell us why. I don't [...] by

Cathy Park Hong’s New Museum Stand-Up Is Up August 8, 2013: Topping the last issue of The Conversant is a gem that we mentioned in the spring: Cathy Park Hong's contribution to the New Museum's "Propositions" series, Part One of which, "Stand Up," happened in March. It featured readings and performances from Cathy herself, followed by Ariana Reines, Cathy Wagner, Mores McWreath, and Ronaldo Wilson. [...] by

The Audience is Present (Part III) April 18, 2013: “Who’s this our? Can I bring my mother?” —Tonya Foster I’ve been thinking, obviously, about audience—more particularly, about the relationship between the artist and his or her audience.  Part of what motivated me to write on this subject (see Part I and [...] by

The Audience is Present (Part II) April 9, 2013: In the last week of March, Nikky Finney and Lizz Wright performed together for a packed auditorium at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.  Nikky opened the evening with a handful of poems drawn from all three of her collections: Rice, The World is Round, and Head Off & Split.  Her poems are long—not in the “long poem” [...] by

‘Stand Up’ with Cathy Park Hong & Mores McWreath at The New Museum March 21, 2013: In conjunction with the "Stand Up" symposium on March 30, the New Museum is hosting "The Rub," a collaborative online chapbook by Cathy Park Hong and the video artist Mores McWreath. “The Rub” is an e-chapbook of GIFs and haiku that explores shame and failure in stand-up and online comedy. Poems explore the viewer’s obsession with [...] by

Ange Mlinko Looks at Adrienne Rich’s Later Poems: Selected and New February 4, 2013: Last week the Nation posted Ange Mlinko's review and assessment of Adrienne Rich's Later Poems: Selected and New and Rich's impact on the latest generation of feminists poets. But when it comes to compositional influence, "Impact" might be too strong a word. "Meh" might be better. Mlinko survey's Rich's career, beginning with her winning the [...] by

From Translating Mo’um to Engine Empire: John Yau on the Work of Cathy Park Hong December 4, 2012: The recent poetic output of Cathy Park Hong received an expansive review from John Yau over at Hyperallergic--check it out! In Part One, Yau looks at her first book, Translating Mo’um (Hanging Loose Press, 2002), where Hong "has focused on developing different imaginary lingua franca (or bridge languages) that make communication possible [...] by

I Dreamt I Went to the 2012 Poets House Showcase Opening, and It Was Real July 16, 2012: Who: Corina Copp What: Poets House Showcase When: Saturday, June 30, 2012 Where: New York “Open Door” features audio, video, and online media to document dynamic interactions between poetry and its audience. “Open Door” showcases performance, scholarship, and engagement outside the usual boundaries of slams, workshops, and book [...] by

Engine Empire reviewed at Slate June 4, 2012: A little while back, we were ecstatic over Cathy Park Hong's Engine Empire book trailer. Now we're getting excited about the book itself, and so is Jonathan Farmer over at Slate. Farmer begins his review of the book by placing Hong's work in a survey of contemporary poetry he constructs: For such a tiny community, contemporary poetry [...] by

Engine Empire in 16-bit May 7, 2012: Sometimes a book trailer comes along that's so gosh-darn gnarly that we at Harriet stand up and take notice. By way of Cathy Park Hong (whose latest book Engine Empire is the object of said video) and Adam Shecter (video artist extraordinaire), we're delighted to bring you this banger of a video. Enjoy!     And if you'd like [...] by