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The Winter of Our Disco Tent April 18, 2014: “...the terrible and noteworthy irony...”—H.H. Bancroft. New York City during the war years was, unless you were eating sushi with the Simics, a dark and horrible place. It was as if someone had loaded a leaf blower with copy toner and gone postal. Some of it got onto the 9-pound models’ eyes and they didn’t even blink. The [...] by

My Education: The NY/SF Poetry Scene in the Aughts April 1, 2014: I miss New York and the poets there and I’ve dreamed (had actual dreams) about stroking through the double doors of the St. Mark’s Poetry Project to silent-movie applause—applause and davening, for Chrissake, as I dash up the aisle to the podium, bobbing in a Salton Sea of undivided attention, and the flaring tips of my Italian sports [...] by

On Collaboration March 17, 2014: Shut up alone with a blank page and my own habits, I can get caught in a hall of looping self-doubt. But when I’m attending to another in poetic collaboration, I’m brought open to possibility, to new bonds and intimacies. Collaboration is for me a way of being permeable and open to change. It is a powerfully direct way to engage other [...] by

TWO MORE DAYS to Apply to Cedar Sigo’s Upcoming Poetry Workshop at UPB (Berkeley) March 6, 2014: The folks at University Press Books in Berkeley have generously made a little extra space for just a few more students to attend Cedar Sigo's upcoming, jam-packed and very cool Community Poets' Workshop. If you'd like to attend, submit 5-10 poems no later than end of day this Saturday. Complete details are available at UPB's website, which we [...] by

Code Unknown: Wiggle Room April 4, 2013: I call people of this sort ironists because of their realization that anything can be made to look good or bad by being redescribed, and their renunciation of the attempt to formulate criteria of choice between final vocabularies, puts them in the position which Sartre called 'meta-stable': never quite able to take themselves seriously because [...] by

Cedar Sigo Reads for Banned Books Month at City Lights October 25, 2012: Surf over to City Lights's blog to watch a video of Cedar Sigo reading from Cain's Book, by Alexander Trocchi. It's part of City Lights's celebration of Banned Books month. After you watch Cedar, scroll down the list to see a whole slew of San Francisco writers reading banned books! And, for you Chicago readers, be sure to stop by the [...] by

Cedar Sigo at Take Down the Clouds September 10, 2012: The Volta is having Cedar Sigo Take Down the Clouds with this intimate interview. Here's what Sigo has to say about what he's currently working on: Yesterday morning I took the (still) working parts of an older poem and used these to expand a brand new piece. That process seemed very dependent on returning to the construction every few [...] by

Loose Diary: Cedar Sigo on Collaborative Writing August 23, 2012: Earlier this week City Lights blog published the latest dispatch from Cedar Sigo, this time focusing on his collaborative work with fellow City Lights author Micah Ballard. A taste: Collaboration is also editing. It’s easy to just fire away contributing lines to a poem, but cutting the final shape together requires a more delicate [...] by

A Brolaski Extravaganza!!! July 24, 2012: The City Lights blog is lighting it up with TONS of great writing and recordings by and about Julian Talamantez Brolaski. The occasion, of course, is the publication of his Advice for Lovers earlier this year. All of this is brought to us by way of Garrett Caples (recently published here, btw, and recorded here). Caples sets the scene [...] by

A note on San Francisco Blues April 18, 2012:   Over the course of his 1968 interview with Ted Berrigan for The Paris Review, Jack Kerouac is asked, “Why must the method for writing poetry differ from that of prose?” Kerouac responds, “As for my regular English verse, I knocked it out fast like the prose, using, get this, the size of the notebook page for the form and length [...] by