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Garrett Caples Gives Mad Props to The Little Magazine March 18, 2014: [caption id="attachment_82887" align="alignright" width="500"] Photo by David Highsmith.[/caption] At the City Lights blog, Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here, Garrett Caples gives a rousing thumbs up (that's a plural: two thumbs) to the publications genre of "the little magazine" with a special emphasis on Volt and Hambone in particular. [...] by

LA Lifts Bukowski Beyond the Low-Life Cliche March 13, 2014: Is it possible to expand the scope of Bukowski scholarship beyond the low-life cliche that so permeates readings of his work? John Penner at Jacket Copy thinks yes, and on the occasion of this year's Charles Bukowski Memorial Celebration, he writes about a few new ways to look at Bukowski's work. When Charles Bukowski died in San Pedro 20 [...] by

A Story about Charles Bukowski, Loujon Press and Counter-Culture in New Orleans August 29, 2013: Further excellence for your eyeballs over at The Times-Picayune: the online periodical published this awesome article about the Loujon Press, the subject of an exhibit at the Historic New Orleans Collection museum in New Orleans. The small central gallery at the Historic New Orleans Collection museum on Chartres Street is a time portal [...] by

Bukowski’s Lost & Found Drawings February 28, 2013: Stephen J. Gertz over at Booktryst tells us that no less than nineteen drawings by Charles Bukowski surfaced last week at the 46 California International Antiquarian Book Fair. According to Gertz, sixteen of them initially appeared as part of his column in the Los Angeles Free Press (aka "The Freep"), "Notes of a Dirty Old Man." The others [...] by

Weekends with Tracy K. Smith January 28, 2013: It's Monday. We at Harriet are reassembling our collective consciousness and getting on with the work week. In this New York Times article that walks through a typical weekend with Tracy K. Smith and her family, we've been reminded how utterly sweet that two-day stretch can be in. Ever wonder what a Pulitzer Prize winning poet has for a [...] by

Three Ways of Looking at a Bukowski Poem December 10, 2012: See this post at Open Culture that features three different interpretations of the Bukowksi poem "Nirvana." One, a short film from Lights Down Low productions, the other Tom Waits reading the poem, and the third a reading by Tom O'Bedlam. Go on and check it out! by

Read Bukowski’s Open Letter to Everyone He Ever Corresponded With September 12, 2012: First he tells us about the worst hangover, ever. Now, check out this post at Letters of Note featuring some "choice" words from Mr. Bukowski. The post begins: When, in September of 1965, it was suggested to Charles Bukowski that a collection of his letters would be an attractive proposition for publishers and the reading public, [...] by

Charles Bukowski’s Worst Hangover September 7, 2012: God bless the folks at Open Culture for finding this gem. In this video, an older Charles Bukowski reminisces about a particularly bad hangover. "Over here was the hotel, where the guy dropped out of the hotel while I was sitting, you know..." Believe us, it gets better. http://youtu.be/IFnDvMNHeos by

Bukowski & Sondheim Musical Set for November July 17, 2012: The Guardian informs us that a musical collaging the writing of the late Charles Bukowski with the music of Stephen Sondheim (!!), conceived by the California Repertory Company of Long Beach, CA, is set to be produced in November. The strange details: Joanne Gordon, artistic director of the California Repertory Company, came up with the [...] by

Tom Waits! Bukowski! Oh My! March 19, 2012: Open Culture comes through with yet another gem. Here's a video of Tom Waits reading Charles Bukowski's poem "The Laughing Heart." And, as a bonus, here's Bukowski reading his own "The Secret of My Endurance." Enjoy! by