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Self-evidence with Difficulty April 9, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84258" align="alignright" width="500"] Site of the Café Le Métro poetry reading coffeehouse from 1963-1965, located at 149 2nd Ave., New York City[/caption] For many years I’ve been interested in difficulty; I suppose in the present context it could be called the poetics of difficulty. I remember at age 14 carrying [...] by

If Time and Space Both Bend Then Who am I January 2, 2014: January is a month with two faces. In 1953 Yoko Ono wrote her first score, called SECRET PIECE. It consisted of one line of typescript: “Decide on the one note you want to play. Play to the following accompaniment: The woods from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. in summer.” Below, on a musical staff along with two quarter notes was handwritten, “with [...] by

From Jacket2: A Brief History of the Buffalo Poetics Program June 10, 2013: Jacket 2 presents this stellar feature about the history of the Buffalo Poetics Program. The constellated survey includes a collection of links to articles about the program such as a Selected Bibliography of Buffalo Publications: 1960-1996, compiled by Kristin Prevallet, A History of Poetics at Buffalo: 1960-1990 (a timeline from Cynthia [...] by

Useless Wooden Toys April 30, 2013: [caption id="attachment_66233" align="alignright" width="500"] Jeff Grosso, still from Speed Freaks, 1989[/caption] I always dug that title from the New Deal video, aptly taken from Jeff Grosso’s part in Speed Freaks where, laying on a sofa after shaving his eyebrows off says, “…the life of a professional skateboarder, lounge around all [...] by

Looking at The Selected Correspondence of John Wieners and Charles Olson November 14, 2012: Isola di Rifiuti is at it again—we just reposted John Latta's thinking on Denise Riley, George Stanley, and Joanne Kyger—and we'd like to point you today to a post on John Wieners and Charles Olson. Latta is reading the Lost & Found Series III; we're grateful for his historicizing of the books thus far. An excerpt from his look at “the [...] by

Found: Charles Olson Gave a Legendary (& Pretty Drunk) Reading at the 1965 Berkeley Poetry Conference June 11, 2012: It's Monday. What better way to start off the week than with a drunken rant/best reading ever. Well, the good folks at PennSound Daily have unearthed just that: Charles Olson's lecture/reading from the 1965 Berkeley Poetry Conference. Jeff Boruszak writes: [W]e're proud to announce a new recording found in the collection of tapes sent [...] by

More Olson at the Range March 6, 2012: After reading Norma Cole's "Craft Work" piece today, we know our readers are dying for more Olson. Fear not! The Range has brought us "In Cold Hell, in Thicket." Hope that gives you your daily Olson fix. by

This and That March 6, 2012: Why are we looking at this—what does this have to do with poetry (writing poetry) now? Said in class with some exasperation by a student. The this doesn’t matter. Its matter could be anything. It’s the exasperation that makes it/this crucial. The exasperation inspires this writing. Feeling it, taking it in, from her into me, mine own [...] by

Help Save Charles Olson’s Neighborhood March 2, 2012: See this from Paul Nelson's website: Forwarding this from Peter Anastas, author of the Olson memoir, From Gloucester Out. He’s asking us to: “Sign this petition and forward it to friends, poets, Olson and Gloucester lovers, who live outside of the city. We are fighting hard to save Olson’s neighborhood from the development of a [...] by