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Poetry et Le E-book Revolution May 22, 2013: 'Tis happening, friends! Not only are your favorite fiction and non-fiction books available in electronic formats—but now—your favorite books of poetry are rapidly becoming available in e-book form, as reported by The Associated Press in the Seattle Times. Part of the challenge is the devices themselves, with screens varying in [...] by

Follow These Weird Tweets! May 10, 2013: NYU Local lists its favorite "weird tweets" by NYU creative writing professors and wouldn't you know it: A few of our faves are Harriet regulars. Yes, "The Weirdest Tweets from NYU Creative Writing Professors" list includes tweets from poets, Eileen Myles, Sharon Olds, Dorothea Lasky and Charles Simic. Their cyber thought-bubbles range [...] by

The Prose Poem as Mysterious Man with an Accent April 26, 2013: Like many immigrants, the prose poem arrived in the U.S. too late in its development to ever pass as wholesomely American. Something in its tone, in the weight of its silences, will always give it away as having come here from somewhere else. It will never entirely lose its accent. In anthologies and magazines, it makes other poems feel [...] by

Charles Simic Eulogizes the Postcard August 14, 2012: In a tribute to a great but fading tradition, the New York Review of Books posted Charles Simic's musings on postcards. While Simic never explicitly states the connection between writing postcards and writing poetry, it's clear he recognizes literary potential in these little notes we send while on vacation. Unlike letter writing, there [...] by

Charles Simic Remembers the Fourth of July, 1963 July 3, 2012: In the summer of 1963, Charles Simic was on an Army ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He and his fellow soldiers passed the time playing poker, sunbathing, and marking their progress to New York City on a map. Today on The New York Review of Books blog, Simic recalls a small mutiny when the soldiers learned that they might not make it [...] by

Charles Simic, the Utopian June 8, 2012: Over at the New York Review of Books blog, Charles Simic meditates on poetry and utopia. In 1972, I found myself on a panel whose subject was the poetry of the future. It was at the Struga Poetry Festival in Macedonia. I wasn’t scheduled to participate, but the American poet who was supposed to, W.S. Merwin, begged me to take his [...] by

Why Charles Simic Still Writes Poetry May 16, 2012: Charles Simic still writes poems. That's good. He also wrote this post on the New York Review of Books blog explaining why he still writes poems. That's also good. Here's a snippet: I have known in my life a number of young poets with immense talent who gave up poetry even after being told they were geniuses. No one ever made that [...] by

Charles Simic Has a Secret and it Takes Place in Bed February 13, 2012: See this little essay in the New York Review of Books blog, in which Charles Simic lets us in on a secret that takes place between the sheets: his writing. Here's a little teaser. Then make the jump. All writers have some secret about the way they work. Mine is that I write in bed. Big deal!, you are probably thinking. Mark Twain, [...] by

Charles Simic: “I don’t know of anything more disheartening than the sight of a shut down library” May 18, 2011: Writing for The New York Review of Books, Charles Simic looks out across the depressing cultural landscape as libraries close from coast to coast. It's not just the state and local budgets to blame — it's the indifference. This isn't unique to libraries, as Simic notes, but it hits especially hard when the institutions on the chopping block are [...] by