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I Like People, and I Like People to Like Me July 24, 2014: Two things I heard last weekend have been stuck in my head like earworms. Make that three. Okay, four. The context in which I heard them is worth noting: the symposium “Expanded Writing” at the [...] by

Exhibit Livestreaming Now From Zurich: Poetry will be made by all! Includes Andrew Durbin, Trisha Low, Sophia Le Fraga, Steve Roggenbuck, More January 30, 2014: Oh, to be in neutral territory. Livestreaming now from Zurich, having begun today, January 30, at 15:00 (UTC +1:00): The LUMA Foundation’s inaugural 89plus exhibition, Poetry will be made by [...] by

Flaunt Magazine: ‘All Poetry Is Poems’ March 14, 2013: The folks at fashioncentric Flaunt magazine have devoted a recent Au Contraire section to poetry. 18 pages of John Ashbery, Fiona Banner, Caroline Bergvall, Derek Beaulieu, Erica Baum, Kenneth [...] by

Some Good Points on Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing at HTMLGIANT February 7, 2013: Michael Jauchen reviews, in 25 points, Kenny Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing for HTMLGiant. We love number 8 (image above): “8. Picasso’s Portrait of Gertrude Stein with excerpts from [...] by

Maclean’s Magazine Profiles Christian Bök’s Xenotext Project January 16, 2013: For the past eleven years, Canadian poet Christian Bök has been working on a project called “The Xenotext.” Maclean’s summarizes the process: A short stanza enciphered into a [...] by

Christian Bök Creates Microscopic, Living Poems…And Poetry Critics July 19, 2012: Today, Open Book Toronto reports that Griffin Poetry Prize winner Christian Bök has nearly completed a project that’s either crazy or really, really neat, depending on your perspective. His [...] by

More Otherness from Conceptual Literature April 16, 2012: Against Expression (edited by Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith) is an anthology that collects examples of Conceptual Literature, many of which represent what the Oulipians might call acts of [...] by

Conceptual Literature in the Wild April 10, 2012: Darren Wershler has coined the phrase “conceptualism in the wild” to describe writing that has arisen totally outside the purview of poetics, but that has nevertheless seemed absurdly [...] by

The Jubilee of Poetic Crises April 9, 2012: Vanessa Place has suggested that, if Conceptual Literature is dead, it is so, only because poetry itself is dead—persisting, like a spectre, which does not yet know that it must keep its rendezvous [...] by

The Morbidity of Conceptual Literature April 3, 2012: Kenneth Goldsmith has reposted an article by Johanna Drucker, and I am hoping to make some idle comments in response to her arguments, with a more detailed response to follow throughout the month: [...] by