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Exhibit Livestreaming Now From Zurich: Poetry will be made by all! Includes Andrew Durbin, Trisha Low, Sophia Le Fraga, Steve Roggenbuck, More January 30, 2014: Oh, to be in neutral territory. Livestreaming now from Zurich, having begun today, January 30, at 15:00 (UTC +1:00): The LUMA Foundation's inaugural 89plus exhibition, Poetry will be made by all! (January 30–March 30, 2014) is curated by Simon Castets, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Kenneth Goldsmith, with Danny Snelson as exhibition advisor and [...] by

Flaunt Magazine: ‘All Poetry Is Poems’ March 14, 2013: The folks at fashioncentric Flaunt magazine have devoted a recent Au Contraire section to poetry. 18 pages of John Ashbery, Fiona Banner, Caroline Bergvall, Derek Beaulieu, Erica Baum, Kenneth Goldsmith, Christian Bök, and Alexander Grant, to be exact. Who knew Flaunt was interested in poetry, let alone innovative and emerging conceptual [...] by

Some Good Points on Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing at HTMLGIANT February 7, 2013: Michael Jauchen reviews, in 25 points, Kenny Goldsmith's Uncreative Writing for HTMLGiant. We love number 8 (image above): "8. Picasso’s Portrait of Gertrude Stein with excerpts from The Making of Americans inserted." Jauchen also makes similar hybrid images with Mallarmé and "A Throw of the Dice," Georges Perec and Species of Spaces, and [...] by

Maclean’s Magazine Profiles Christian Bök’s Xenotext Project January 16, 2013: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Photograph by Chris Bolin (via Maclean's)[/caption] For the past eleven years, Canadian poet Christian Bök has been working on a project called "The Xenotext." Maclean's summarizes the process: A short stanza enciphered into a string of DNA and injected into an “unkillable” bacterium, [...] by

Christian Bök Creates Microscopic, Living Poems…And Poetry Critics July 19, 2012: Today, Open Book Toronto reports that Griffin Poetry Prize winner Christian Bök has nearly completed a project that's either crazy or really, really neat, depending on your perspective. His fourth book consists of only two poems, written over the course of four years. These Petrarchan sonnets were not composed with a pen and paper, but rather [...] by

More Otherness from Conceptual Literature April 16, 2012: Against Expression (edited by Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith) is an anthology that collects examples of Conceptual Literature, many of which represent what the Oulipians might call acts of "plagiarism by anticipation"—works that may not be written by members of the literary movement, but that nevertheless, seem to reflect the values of such [...] by

Conceptual Literature in the Wild April 10, 2012: Darren Wershler has coined the phrase "conceptualism in the wild" to describe writing that has arisen totally outside the purview of poetics, but that has nevertheless seemed absurdly familiar to practitioners of Conceptual Literature, because (without intending to do so) such writing appears to exploit the same kind of uncreative techniques, [...] by

The Jubilee of Poetic Crises April 9, 2012: Vanessa Place has suggested that, if Conceptual Literature is dead, it is so, only because poetry itself is dead—persisting, like a spectre, which does not yet know that it must keep its rendezvous with the afterworld, preferring instead to malinger in the a shadow of its own demise. "If poetry is dead, act like a zombie," she advises. I really [...] by

The Morbidity of Conceptual Literature April 3, 2012: Kenneth Goldsmith has reposted an article by Johanna Drucker, and I am hoping to make some idle comments in response to her arguments, with a more detailed response to follow throughout the month: Johanna Drucker has suggested that Conceptual Literature has begun to enter the twilight of its eminence, on the verge of becoming yet another one of [...] by

Maisonneuve Talks bpNichol June 1, 2011: As we await the Griffin Poetry Prize news, our attention is turned upward, o Canada. And Maisonneuse is right fascinating, having both a new interview with Christian Bök about the much-hyped Xenotext Project ("It’s a fascinating idea, worthy of the author of Eunoia, a tour de force that would make Georges Perec feel envious," wrote Ron [...] by