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Christian Hawkey at VOICE Registers March 21, 2014: Welcome to the new interview series VOICE Registers, brought to you by the New Museum’s Department of Education and Public Engagement, and hosted by Kaegan Sparks. The first installment of the series features Christian Hawkey discussing the libretto WOW, which we reported on here. The conversation covers wide terrain from the Milli Vanilli [...] by

WOW: The Milli Vanilli Opera You Never Had January 16, 2014: It's finally here! Artist (and International Art English expert) David Levine, poet Christian Hawkey--author of, most recently, the great Ventrakl (Ugly Duckling Presse 2012)--and composer Joe Liebes have been working steadily on their collaborative opera about the band Milli Vanilli (that's right!). The New York Times ArtsBeat reports on its [...] by

Sampling Silence in Ashbery February 12, 2013: We love it when poetry opens out into other disciplines and art forms. Last spring, the New School hosted a festival called How to Continue: Ashbery Across the Arts. Participants from a variety of disciplines engaged with John Ashbery's work, and all sorts of crazy and exciting things happened. Christian Hawkey chose to examine the collection [...] by

Kissing Georg Trakl’s Portrait in a Review of Ventrakl September 12, 2012: We've got a soft side, but aren't (yet!) weeping over this review of Christian Hawkey's Ventrakl (UDP 2011). Kelli Anne Noftle found the book in a bag given to her by the woman her ex ended up with (we would have burned it! a bigger woman, etc.) ... Two years ago, my boyfriend fell in love with a woman who gave me a shopping bag of [...] by

Marjorie Perloff reviews Christian Hawkey’s Ventrakl for Los Angeles Review of Books May 17, 2011: Marjorie Perloff reviews Christian Hawkey’s Ventrakl (UDP 2010) for the Los Angeles Review of Books, rightly noting that poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914) was felt by many to be the Austrian answer to Rimbaud, and later considered within the Modernist trajectory as a kind of Deep Image poet (he is also regarded as the preeminent Austrian [...] by