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Christopher Buckley on Life Learning from Philip Levine September 5, 2012: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, poet Christopher Buckley has written a semi-autobiographical essay on his lifelong relationship with Philip Levine, starting with his purchase of They Feed They Lion in 1972 and leading to a close friendship. Here, Buckley describes their first meeting: I met Philip Levine on a tennis court at SDSU. [...] by

The apocalypse, brought to you by the letters Y, A, L and E February 16, 2011: The Yale Daily News is republishing a dozen visions of the apocalypse commissioned from well known writers at a dollar a word (but because the editors were cash-strapped college kids in 1974, each writer was limited to 20 words). "As the editors noted in that 12th issue of the Magazine, 'The writers that exceeded twenty words did so out of a love [...] by