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Self-evidence with Difficulty April 9, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84258" align="alignright" width="500"] Site of the Café Le Métro poetry reading coffeehouse from 1963-1965, located at 149 2nd Ave., New York City[/caption] For many years I’ve been interested in difficulty; I suppose in the present context it could be called the poetics of difficulty. I remember at age 14 carrying [...] by

On Editing Joglars February 18, 2014: Over the weekend at Jacket2, Tom Orange posted a great history of the post-New American Poetry journal Joglars, edited by Clark Coolidge and (George) Michael Palmer. Orange describes how the magazine developed out of the 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference: When Coolidge met George Palmer (who then went by his first rather than middle [...] by

Bright Red Words April 30, 2013: [caption id="attachment_66022" align="alignright" width="500"] Louise Bourgeois, I HAD A FLASHBACK OF SOMETHING THAT NEVER EXISTED, 2002, Photo: Christopher Burke, © Louise Bourgeois Trust/VAGA, NY[/caption] Most poets I believe love words as objects in themselves. They seem delicious to me, as if I could just pluck one from an overhanging [...] by

Impossible Music /4/ Making Music April 24, 2013: What’s gone returns as parable. Banjoist J. P. Pickens was the first (and most constant) improvisation partner. Another was Jim Gurley later lead-guitarist for Big Brother & The Holding Company. Singer-songwriter Dino Valente aka Chet Powers was number three who once took me to a clunky motel off Van Ness Ave to meet Bob [...] by

Clark Coolidge Leads Off 2013 Fact-Simile Series January 25, 2013: Is it the top or the bottom of January by now? We're not sure. But either way, we're loving Fact-Simile's pick for their trading card series this month: Clark Coolidge. Mr. Coolidge is all au courant these days (but when is he not!), what with a book of 88 sonnets fresh out with Fence. And if you missed it not-so-long-ago, check out this [...] by

Craig Dworkin’s Homage to Clark Coolidge’s The Crystal Text January 4, 2013: Over at The Disinhibitor, Michael Cross alerts us to very enduring news indeed. Craig Dworkin has created a piece based solely on Clark Coolidge's The Crystal Text. It's called The Crystal Text, believe it or not. More on this project: I wanted to mention that the new Compline chapbook, Craig Dworkin's The Crystal Text, is officially [...] by

Clark Coolidge’s ‘Blues for Alice’ in Poem Talk #60 December 19, 2012: Clark Coolidge is the buzz these days, what with new books coming out with Fence Books (sonnets and prose!), and in case you missed this over at Jacket2, he's the subject of the most recent "Poem Talk" with Al Filreis. From the intro: Brian Reed (in from Seattle), Maria Damon (Minnesota), and Craig Dworkin (Utah) joined Al Filreis at [...] by

Papers for the Border Podcast #13: The Poetry Episode May 7, 2012: Check out #13 of The Papers for the Border Podcast, run by Dan Coffey. This is the Poetry Episode, and features recordings from Carla Harryman, Rod Smith, Hannah Weiner, Jackson Mac Low, Jen Hofer, Leslie Scalapino, David Antin ("Who Are My Friends?"), Anne Waldman with Steve Lacy, Heather Fuller, Alvin Curran with Clark Coolidge, Susana Gardner, [...] by

A note on San Francisco Blues April 18, 2012:   Over the course of his 1968 interview with Ted Berrigan for The Paris Review, Jack Kerouac is asked, “Why must the method for writing poetry differ from that of prose?” Kerouac responds, “As for my regular English verse, I knocked it out fast like the prose, using, get this, the size of the notebook page for the form and length [...] by

Clark Coolidge will transport you February 9, 2012: We at Harriet are currently listening to this Clark Coolidge poem on a continuous loop, and so should you! Thanks to The Range for posting it and transporting us. by